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We help clients simplify their entire contract and project based workforce through a single process for onboarding, time and attendance, payment processing and reporting.

Workforce Solutions That Deliver Value

We provide advisory and business process outsourcing services that help clients strategically manage their contingent workforce so the right mix of talent is available.


One of the greatest recruitment challenges is effectively responding to rapid changes in resource demand. Our flexible and scalable workforce solutions help you mobilise resources in hours so you have resources in place where you need them the most.

Retaining the best talent

We tailor our solutions to work with you to capture worker performance ratings so you have visibility of the top performers and ensure you always re-book the best talent available.

Improved Employer Brand

A meaningful, productive, progressive exchange to ensure an ‘on brand’ positive worker experience through faster worker payments, dedicated support and mobile enabled timesheet approval.


We offer solid operational practices in which all stakeholders can realise mutual gains and execute the most effective process for employing off payroll resources.

Reduce Management time

Deliver cost optimisation as a strategic business decision so you maximise worker productivity, control operating expenditure and focus on revenue generating activity

Mitigate Legislative risk

Avoid the risk of operational failures falling foul of legislation and resulting in non-compliance with IR35 or the facilitation of tax evasion, which would impact the reputation and stability of your business

Eliminate Administrative Burden

Manage your entire off payroll workforce in one place, consolidate all suppliers into one monthly invoice, backed up with one detailed management report.

Relevant technology with low investment

Access to leading technology platforms to manage everything from worker time / attendance management to payroll and business reporting tools.

  • Onboarding

    We believe that a best practice new starter experience is about providing your new workforce clarity on what to expect, giving them access to helpful relevant resources while ensuring that a personal touch through a dedicated onboarding mentor help’s them with their first day.

    Onboarding is a huge group effort … so many people come together when someone is hired - HR, functional teams, management, coordinators, facilities and IT – meaning it can often be a time consuming and risky process, and a huge disappointment if all efforts fall flat.

    Our onboarding solution can be personalised to give you full control over the on-boarding process this ensures that your employer brand is protected and that all your non-permanent employees have an experience that aligns with your core values.

  • Timesheet management

    In a fast-paced environment, you need to be sure that every part of your business is working as hard as you do. Back office distractions can drain your time and resources, keeping you from focusing on core business activity.

    Our time and attendance solutions speed up your timesheet capture, billing, payroll and reporting, this allow your managers to understand how their teams are working, no matter what project they are working on or what time zone / location they’re working in.

    By improving your visibility and control for all participants of the pay and billing process it provides you with a scalable and adaptable platform to maximise your businesses growth while minimalizing your infrastructure installation, management and ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Payroll Management

    Our payroll outsourcing solutions can bring a number of benefits to your organisation. Payroll is a vital cog in any business, but handling it can be a time consuming and costly task.

    Utilise the expertise of experience payroll professionals rather than carrying the expenses associated with running your payroll internally. Our payroll solutions give you access to a much wider range of knowledge, experience and expertise from qualified professionals who are dedicated to payroll.

    We can help in other areas of the business, streamlining your internal processes minimising the stress of legislative changes like automatic enrolment and the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI). Let us alleviate the burden of complex legislation and partner with us to strengthen your payroll delivery and compliance capabilities.

  • Reporting/Analytics

    Reporting is a critical component of managing a non-permanent workforce, having the insight to measure, track, and report on time and attendance is essential to reaching operational efficiency and contribute to continuous improvement.

    Our Report solutions involve real-time analytics they help our clients identify non-performing projects, reduce employee downtime, minimalize over-paying and control expenditures while increasing revenue.

    Our dashboards provide a quick and simple way of tracking employee status, progress, and real-time activity. They offer visual displays of workforce management data and give key insight into critical WFM processes. All of which can be accessed online which means our reports & dashboards are immediately accessible to improve employee and overall organization efficiency.

Consulting Services.

Workforce Solutions, professional services group focus on the evaluation of organisations contract workforce management goals and provides the knowledge and expertise to help them achieve those goals. As part of this offering, we provide a variety of consulting services ranging from:

  • Freelance/ Contractor Diagnostic: Full overview of your existing operating model for employing off payroll resources, with consulting on how to better optimize your processes and ensure all internal policies are compliant with legislation.
  • Compliance Risk Assessment: Testing your existing processes against risks associated with employment and tax law compliance, as well as internal policies and procedures.
  • Implementation & Change Management: Assist in the design and management of operating solution implementation, stakeholder communication and change management strategy.

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