Office Manager

Office Management

What is Office Management?

Office Management helps a business achieve its goals through the planning, organisation and coordination of the office environment. This role is positioned on increasing efficiency and overall performance of employees working within the office.

Why is Office Management so important to the internal running of a business?

As part of general management, the office manager is responsible for ensuring the business as usual can be carried out within the office. This role means that without a proactive, switched-on and engaging office manager then the business will not be able to achieve its ambitions through a lack of resources.

What are the core areas of Office Management?


To help drive the business to success, office management needs to decide what needs actioning and how to get there including next steps forward.


The number of people required to run the office is determined by the office manager. They will recruit and select talented office support professionals to help organise and coordinate the office. Finding the best personnel to deliver a smooth running of the office is key for seamless day-to-day running of the workplace.

Organising Resources

Certain resources help employees achieve their professional goals, and help the business reach their objectives. These include tools to perform office work including stationary, printer paper and ink, calculators and general office supplies. A sufficient stationary supply aids the day-to-day running of the office and is necessary for efficient office management.

System Management

The office manager is responsible for creative problem solving and identifying issues within company systems and processes to ensure efficiency. With a diverse range of responsibilities, the office manager often oversees multiple areas of administration and internal coordination to make sure that teams are supplied with the right tools to achieve. This may be done through a monitoring process where the findings will then influence the next stages in effective management.

Key Skills for Office Management

Office management is often a varied role that requires an office manager to wear many hats throughout the day. Along with being adaptable and forward thinking, these other skills are necessary to build a successful career within office management:

  • Problem-solving

  • Critical Thinking

  • Processes Management

  • Attention to Detail

  • Proactive

  • Approachable

The Future of Office Management

Office management strategy is progressing with the development of technology. Through cloud technology, automation, bring your own device, and the rise and rise of remote working, the office manager position is requires an adept approach to new technologies to keep their finger on the pulse of the organisation.

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