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Mike Tulley

Volunteering at Whitechapel Mission

  • by Mike Tulley
  • 27 Jun 2017

My first charity outing with Career Moves Group was every bit as rewarding as I’d hoped.

Giving back in any form is fantastic, yet to physically get involved can be hard to find time for. I regularly give my loose change to people collecting for charities at train stations, and I am signed up for a couple of charity donations online, but to turn up somewhere and help out in person can be hard to fit in, with the ever-busy working world we live in; so I am even more grateful to work for a company that has CSR in its nature, and regularly organises team initiatives out of the office to support charitable causes.

The Whitechapel Mission sees anywhere between 180-250 homeless people come through its doors on a daily basis. Here they get the opportunity to eat, shower and change clothes away from the streets.

As you can imagine, a couple of hundred people needing new clothes, toiletries, food and drink every day requires some serious organisation. Every item that is kindly donated by local residents and businesses has to be sorted, and the personnel involved have to be properly coordinated.

Our job was to unpack and sort new clothes deliveries, get them on the rails and ready for use the next day. Our leadership for the day came in the highly charismatic form of a Scottish chap called Billy (Hello if you’re reading!).

Billy was quick to get the coffees in, told us one of the best jokes I’ve heard in a long while, and knew exactly how everything should run. His experience through years of working at the mission meant that he could directly us very quickly as to what exactly what was usable, and where it should all go.

Although I struggle to sort my own wardrobe out most of the time, somehow knowing that we were making a real difference to those who need it most made for a focussed and effective mornings work. It also made for a great team bonding session, having only recently joined the company myself. It was also great to see the names of many other companies on the roster, lined up to help in the days ahead.

We have supported the mission for several years and continue to do so by helping out in the kitchen, providing clothes and with our sorting sessions, and we highly recommend anyone who wants to give back to do the same!

You can read about The Whitechapel Mission’s great work here:

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