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The Temporary Market: Developing your Workforce Management Strategy

  • by Career Moves Group
  • 15 Jan 2019

Workforce planning includes short-term preparedness for temp placements, attrition recovery, and skill optimisation. Within this there is a forward perspective on company growth, acquiring new talent, and managing outsourced third-parties.

Current trends in workforce management are focusing on a strategic direction built on data and automation.

When establishing the strategy, it is important to coordinate across the company with managers and senior staff to evaluate overall company direction. Once this is decided, it is easier to strategically plan the need for temporary staff during peak business times when there is additional workload that can be alleviated throughout the company.

Things to consider include:

· New product launches and services

· Financial goals

· Seasonal peaks and valleys;

Such as Christmas and Summer

· Basic skill needs of the organisation

· Expanding skill sets

In each of these areas, hiring temporary staff to work alongside established teams throughout business divisions can prove an efficient cost that assists a team to achieve targets.

Rather than hiring temporary staff on an ad-hoc basis, it is important to lay the ground on when  additional support will improve overall business initiatives. Through pre-empting these needs, HR managers can provide the best available support to their businesses.

This strategic approach analyses workforce assets and identifies upcoming gaps within the market and labour division that can be skilfully resolved without negatively impacting work initiatives.

When planning this strategy, it is best to work on a quarterly basis and in conjunction with projects running throughout the business. Pairing with project leaders to identify the need for an extended workforce builds a strategic process to hiring temporary staff.

When assessing these needs, it is important to divide the organisation into departments and determine where budget spends and additional resources are best spent.

Once departments and employees are grouped, define group objectives and map out a plan of potential needs.

Things to consider include:

· Is the group’s current workforce sufficient?

· Are the necessary skill sets present?

· What are the departments current growth plans?

· Is there any crossover between departmental support?

As with traditional workforce management strategy, it is pertinent to determine if the right people are in place to achieve business goals. This then needs to be mapped to the existing workforce requirements to measure gaps against growth initiatives and expansion to determine if temporary staff could be of assistance.

All businesses, either through attrition or growth, will experience personnel gaps. Utilising a professional temporary agency that is experienced and practiced in accommodating temporary needs. To alleviate the initial drop in workforce efficiency, a robust workforce management strategy has a planned contingency for loss within the company and accommodates for growth initiatives throughout the business.

Once these needs are outlined, a swift process as possible is important to retain momentum throughout an organisation. When responding to these requirements, it is important to work in partnership with a temping agency so that they can fully support hiring requirements and permit a mobile solution that is easily integrated into your hiring needs.

Once the workforce management strategy is implemented, communication between departments is key to maintain an extended workforces’ efficiency. When a temporary staff member is hired, double-check with hiring managers to ensure that their respective goals are being met and that the additional member of staff is assisting in the required means to achieve business goals. Then re-strategise accordingly to maintain a lean budget.

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