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Technology: Video-Based Interviews and the Global Community

  • by Career Moves Group
  • 25 Oct 2018

As our workforce moves towards a “glocal” community, our recruiting needs are diversifying to accommodate our ever-evolving working environment. Companies with international offices, who are looking to reduce their recruitment time, engage candidates, and decrease cost per hire, are investing in video interviews.

Video interviews can come in a variety of formats, due to complex time differences, they can take place as a pre-recorded experience that eliminates the difficulty of scheduling.

As video interviews become more mainstream, candidates are can interview for roles remotely, opposed to attending interviews in person. Altering the process in this way allows for companies to save their transportation spends, through hosting the interview online. Not only, does this method save on company costs, but also allows for candidate flexibility that solves some of the difficulty in scheduling an interview.

Those conducting video interviews through Skype and similar mediums can now conduct live interviews that are video recorded. Through recording these interviews, managers can review interviews and pick up on answers, gestures, and revisit areas of the original session that could require closer analysis. Providing this further in-depth analysis of video interviews can refine the interview process to the content of answers that were given, rather than the delivery of answers themselves to ensure that hires are made from experience as opposed to just feeling and rapport.

Some companies are already utilising artificial intelligence to assess a candidate’s interview performance. Such techniques are in further development to ensure that the right candidate is placed into each role. Through the video, the software remotely asks preliminary-round candidates set questions and brain teasers, whilst recording eye movements, breathing patterns, and identifying nervous tics.

Also, when fully documenting interviews through video, companies have increased stringency on leading questions that compromise the ethicality of the hiring process. The implementation of these practices engages the global community with brands beyond their online presence, offering hiring opportunities, and engagement beyond phone calls, emails, and travelling half the globe, not only saves individuals time, and companies money, but offers a more personalised (and efficient) experience.

As international companies continue to grow, and we move towards agile working, particular groups and teams will require skills that are more prevalent internationally. Through utilising video interviewing processes, recording the interviews that take place, and incorporating into the recruitment process for a technically more efficient approach.

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