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Rugby Football Union Day

  • by Career Moves Team
  • 2 Jun 2016

On Wednesday, two of our team, Alex (Account Director for HRrecruitment) and Emma (Account Manager for Office Support roles) attended a day hosted by the Rugby Football Union (RFU). The RFU presentation gave them a real insight into who the RFU are, what they’re trying to achieve not just for their employees but for the world of rugby, and what it’s like to actually work there.

They were treated to a morning where they got to hear the RFU CEO discuss where rugby is going following the 6 nations win and the importance of finding the right talent to steer the business in the right direction. The HR Director and Senior L&D Partner then spoke about how the RFU invests in it's employer brand and talent, such as how it will continue to engage it’s people.  All RFU employees truly understand the company’s strategic vision and how they contribute to this going forward. This drives employee engagement and retention – essential for any company’s succession plan.

It has clearly been an exciting time for the RFU over the last few years. The RFU are proving themselves to be a real employer of choice, and their dedication to promoting rugby all the way down to its grass roots meant that Alex and Emma came away inspired and moved.  .   

After the presentation, there was a fantastic stadium tour followed by a networking luncheon.  Alex and Emma managed to snap some pictures, which you can see below.

If you are looking for a new work opportunity please get in touch with either Alex or Emma.

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