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Harriet Kempton

"Recruitment industry will die in 2018". Really?

  • by Harriet Kempton
  • 28 Nov 2016

There has been an article circulating the LinkedIn ether claiming that the recruitment “industry has about 2 years left in it, 4 at most”, that the “propensity algorithms can deal with vast networks of connections much better than a human can”.

Perhaps algorithms can deal with vast networks better than a human but humans love connecting to another human, they always have and most likely, always will.

The greatest gift you can give another human is the purity of your attention – Richard Moss.

Attention is exactly what recruiters do. At Career Moves, each client and candidate is met face to face by our recruiters to gain a really thorough understanding of their needs and wants, to see what their strengths and weaknesses are and how we can help.

As Brene Brown further goes on to say, Connection is why we are here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it, there is suffering.

Interestingly enough, LinkedIn is investing quite a lot into machines which work with these algorithms, however it is LinkedIn which relies on external recruiters to spend money with them to find the best candidates and connect with potential new clients. While there is no denying that these new digital tools will make a massive difference, they can never replace the human contact and connection that humans so crave.

The article professes that external recruiters will need skills to “deal with data and quantitative analysis, and be able to operate machine learning software”. This type of person is considered to be strong in the left side of their brain while recruiters tend to be more right sided brain people – intuitive, subjective and thoughtful.

Regardless of how good the technology is, companies will always want to seek out a human’s opinion. At the end of the day they are going to have to work with the candidate, who is a human and an algorithm is not going to be able to able to tell you this – what their personality is like, what their work ethic is like, how adaptable and receptive they are and how well they are going to fit into a companies culture – these things can only come from meeting a person in real life.

Culture is a huge part of a company and is often the thing that makes or breaks it. A good culture will drive loyalty, encourage the very best candidates to apply for open roles there, employees are dedicated to doing whatever they can to help the company grow. Algorithms will not be able to predict if someone is a good culture fit for the company or not, no matter how good they look on paper. Employers want people who will fit in with their current employees, and while they may challenge ideas and processes if they think things could be done differently or improved they do fit in with the overall culture of a company.

Another thing that drives good candidates to organizations is diversity and inclusion. Modern day organizations want a diverse workforce that brings a range of experiences, skills, backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and personalities to it, again something an algorithim is not going to be able to pick up. Forbes Magazine founder, Malcom Forbes once said 'diversity is the art of thinking independently together.' When a recruiter has been working with an organisation for a long period of time this is something they can look out for when interviewing potential candidates.

While the article suggests that this “disruptive transformation is all about empowerment of internal recruiters”, recruitment has always been something companies have liked to outsource as external recruiters have relationships and connections with people that not all internal recruiters do, not to mention experience. External recruiters save companies time, are a more efficient way of doing business, saves cost and when you engage in a recruiter specific to your industry you can be sure that they are going to find someone of the very best quality.

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