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Onboarding Temporary Employees in Today's Workspace

  • by Career Moves Temps
  • 17 Dec 2018

The onboarding process, in any contract of employment , is an important system to welcome people into the company and encourage their best work. Through developing a strong employer and employee relationship, businesses  demonstrate investment in their new hire, which will in turn elevate productivity through a positive relationship.

To build this relationship companies need to evaluate the onboarding process and ensure these are key aspects:

Make Employee Handbooks a Priority

Even as a new and temporary member of staff, it is important that even temporary workers understand the basics of the business, business goals, and how they integrate into the plan to achieve these needs.

Businesses hire temporary staff to fill a need, and often during this onboarding process that added value is forgotten when introducing these employees to their role. Developing an employee handbook that is issued across the board creates an inclusive environment built on equal treatment and expectations.

Create a Communication Channel

The onboarding process often provides a lot of information in a very succession. And although it is important to explain the role, company, culture, and other details, a two-way channel of communication that is open to questions is extremely important to identify any gaps in training.

As soon as a new member of staff is being onboarded, it is important to clarify which colleagues to approach with questions to ensure that people feel heard and know when they’re executing things to the business requirements.

Encourage Contact with Permanent Staff

It’s important to ensure that temporary employees feel like part of the organisation, especially since they will be new and on a short-term basis. Encouraging engagement with permanent employees will develop relationships and improve their overall experience within the company.

Isolating temporary workers due to the decreased cultural expectations and initiatives to deliver professional needs within the company, can often create a toxic culture that places the onus of work on a singular individual.

Restructuring desks to incorporate temps into the business and build relationships with other members of staff can provide solidarity with the business as apposed to solitary sensations. If this is unfeasible, then schedule a lunch with permanent employees to assist in the onboarding process of ongoing temporary bookings.

Schedule Regular Check-ins

Scheduling regular check-ins with temporary workers, as most companies are beginning to with permanent staff can ensure that efficiency is being achieved through the new hire, whilst also developing a route of open communication.

These check-in periods need to facilitate a strategic approach to achieving the role or project that the employee was hired to complete. Ensuring these check-ins are carried out with trust in the employee that allows for a natural flow of professional conversation will help ease the onboarding process and can be reduced at later periods in the employment if the contract is extended. 

Strengthen Reputation

When hiring temporary staff, online networks such as Glassdoor and Facebook offer valuable insights to a company’s online reputation. As temps often move between positions with relative speed, there is choice in the market. When presented with this choice, it is important that a company is aware of their online perception.

If there are negative reviews then these can be used to strengthen current processes within the company to ensure that improvements are met across the board and a business can continue to hire the best talent for their extended workforce.

Reconsider Organisational Structure

To achieve the most from contingent work, companies need to become creative in their structure and functionality to remain competitive. Contingent workers often provide a cost-effective choice over a full-time employee.

Through outsourcing the hiring of temps, a company can engage on a consultative level with those who work directly in the industry on a day-to-day basis and can provide their expertise into hiring needs.

If you would like to speak to a consultant regarding your temporary recruitment needs then please call us on 0207 758 4300 or click here.

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