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New Year, New Us: Cost-Effective and Creative Wellbeing Solutions

  • by Career Moves Group
  • 7 Jan 2019

Often cost is seen as a restriction in achieving company wellbeing. It is often perceived that wellbeing is outpriced for an entire company to welcome the idea of changing and improving current functionality.

Yet adopting an introspective look at current processes and opportunities to develop a wellbeing strategy that increases business success, rather than relying on third-party companies who sell costly wellbeing fads, will improve productivity through increased wellbeing.

Embrace Transparency

Transparency within a organisation helps assist employee feedback and engagement systems through identifying their voices within the company. Encouraging an employee’s voice to be heard will provide real-time evidence of scenarios when staff members will benefit from wellbeing solutions. So before potential solutions are suggested and implemented, embrace trust and company transparency.

Feedback Pathways

Engaged employees are motivated by having a voice on the running of the company, and how they are managed. They are invested in the business and believe that they could have a positive influence on the overall running and productivity of the business. Offering this opportunity will help job satisfaction and psychological wellbeing through adding to their value as an employee.

Public Shout-outs

At the end of each monthly team meeting or company meeting, creating internal communications that highlights positive changes within the workspace and recognises
people’s accomplishments can be a simple solution to increasing mental wellbeing in the work environment.

A public recognition system that identifies people’s achievements and positive influence on the company can create a more driven and successful culture that recognises the importance of people across the board.

To stimulate an inclusive environment, assigning people to other members of the company will enrich the programme as staff are endorsing each other and will need to actively identify positives in other employee’s behaviour.

Live Presentations

An idea explored in our Wellbeing Roundtable was the implementation of a live presentation, run by a member of a leadership team that used an anonymous messaging system to answer employee questions from across the board.

If space for a live presentation is limited within the company, a similar method could be used over live-video. This provides employees with a clear chance to have their voices heard and their questions answered. If prepared properly, with enough trust in the company culture,
employees will be provided with a window to offer feedback.

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Gathering insights from across the company on potential solutions can increase engagement levels with wellbeing initiatives. Creating wellbeing ambassadors who are inspired to reach out and support members from each team, to create the healthiest environment possible and increase productivity. These people reach out to fellow colleagues and have a specific understanding of wellbeing that can be infused into the lives of colleagues and teams.

With people pioneering the benefits of wellbeing and making a concerted effort to improve the workplace culture, businesses have a proactive approach to prevent others from spiralling through a supportive atmosphere.

Culture Calendar

A month-on-month plan for wellbeing strategies, that includes company activities ranging from team meetings, to employee birthdays, to fitness challenges, to craft sessions improves the transparent approach to execute a wellbeing  strategy. Creating a platform that everyone has access to, with established moments of interaction runs a smooth routine accessible to staff members, remember to talk to staff members to see what they believe would benefit them.

Achieving a successful wellbeing strategy does not need to be restrained through costs. Taking a creative initiative to open the floor to staff and instigate possible solutions will increase engagement from staff in proposed activities.  If a strategy is successful, company’s will see an increased engagement from staff and productivity.


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