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New Year, New Us: Celebrating Company Success

  • by Career Moves
  • 2 Jan 2019

Recognising employee successes and celebrating as a company are important areas when motivating a workforce. Businesses that invest in their employees to ensure that they have high-rates of job satisfaction leads to a more productive organisation that increases profitability and employee contribution.

Yet company celebrations often revolve around sugar and alcohol, adding to a lack of motivation through suppressing healthy initiatives. Encouragement of unhealthy behaviours, especially led from the top down, can decrease company productivity and increase turnover.

Fostering a positive company culture improves employee communication, better cooperation, and decreased absenteeism. These core changes is why company culture is such an important consideration for top management.

In a positive working environment, employees are valued at all levels of the business, with extensive employee interaction within and across departments. This means that celebrating successes need to run on an inclusivity basis that incorporates each member of an organisation.

Office Snacks

Grazing in the office during work can be a great way to add a warm culture into an organisation. Yet all the sugary finger foods and snacks can prove difficult. Through creating a healthier spread that includes:

· Organic corn chips

· Plenty of vegetables for dips
(dips packed with fresh nutrients)

· Fresh fruit

· Nuts

· Protein Bars

· Cereal bars

A lot of the current focus is around removing alcohol and refined sugar from the standard office environment. As what works for one team, or even company, may not be applicable to another, company’s will do well to incorporate the voices of all involved to see what will work and provide a better culture.


Birthdays can always be a sticking point when introducing healthier alternatives into the working environment. When traditional favourites, such as birthday cakes have a habitual and nostalgic influence over staff members, its not an easy mode to change. Yet reducing birthday celebrations to once a month for everyone who has a birthday that month, or adding healthier birthday cake alternatives, including carrot cake and beetroot cake can mitigate the sugar rush whilst promoting an overall healthier employee diet.

Moving to the Great Outdoors

If something fantastic happens at the business, people like to celebrate, however this can often lead to lower performance the following day due to a tired and potentially hungover workforce.

Yet we still want to have people socialising and taking pride in their work. So its time to incorporate a chance for people to leave the office and enjoy themselves in a fresh setting. A lunchtime picnic at a park, a walk down to the local river, an outdoors yoga class, could all help reinvigorate staff members whilst providing the deserved break from the office.

Get Everyone Involved and Active

Using team-building activities at the next company celebration is a fantastic way to encourage a more positive working environment. With all the new ‘sitting is the new smoking’ studies, creating that collaborative culture through fun games, even a group stretching session, can alleviate some of the workplace stresses that seep into everyday routines. Emphasising an active work environment that encourages staff to put their best foot forward and engage with those across the company can give the next office celebration a healthy boost that encourages fun, and leave everyone feeling fresh for the next day.

Through creating a company culture that puts the physical health of employees before traditional modes of celebration can witness a marked increase in employee engagement and mental preparedness for the day ahead. Investing in positive schemes that assess current weaknesses within the company environment will offer a strategic approach to amend areas that are currently experiencing oversight.


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