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New Year, New Team: Volunteering as a Business

  • by Career Moves Group
  • 21 Jan 2019

Company purpose beyond profit is a growing requirement within job searches. When beginning their career, the opportunity to give back to local and global communities is a vast persuasion point when job seekers choose their next position.

Embedding positive values that focus on giving back, and building the surrounding community can have a positive influence on employee attitudes and work engagement through encouraging a collaborative environment that instigates productive steps to business morale.


Time away from the desk environment, engaging outside of the corporate world, and a step out of the office is a perfect opportunity to provide employees with perspective. 

Valuable time out of the office, giving back to the community and volunteering to help improve society in one means of another can offer employees fresh perspective and a clear mindset when addressing upcoming tasks.

Once implemented as a regular procedure for the company throughout the coming months beyond the festive season, employees can fall into positive routines of reprioritising tasks at work to register what is important in terms of time and urgency. Utilising professional skills in a different capacity to support a non-profit organisation can assist their honing of day-to-day skills whilst breaking employees from their ‘comfort zone’ whilst increasing their job satisfaction.

Improved Loyalty

Employers who show employees that they care about the same causes and issues as those that they hire experience lower turnover rates.  As employees become more involved within these programs, their loyalty to the company increases as they appreciate the company ethos supported by care and social responsibility.

The CSR software company YourCause reports that promoting employee engagement with CSR programs can reduce turnover by up to 50%. They have also identified that 75% of millennials are willing to take a smaller pay package to work for a company that actively works to improve the society they work in either through, donating, fundraising, volunteering, and generally working to have a positive impact.

Refresh and Recharge

Even though volunteers will still be working and committed to completing an end goal, they are presented with a environment separate from their day-to-day working life that allows a freedom of thought different from the normal.

This change of environment can spark new thoughts and offer fresh stimulation to their ideas and abilities. This invigoration in their daily routine can offer staff fresh eyes on their current problems, whilst encouraging a varied life.

Offering the chance to volunteer as a business can place employees in a new environment with new challenges that will stretch their way of thinking. Encouraging fresh behaviour that ignites new modes of thought and alternate logistical challenges can realign an individual’s focus and provide new approaches, whilst providing a sense of reward and completion

Build an Employer Brand

Embarking on a team exercise, either through a volunteering program that offers colleagues paid time off to volunteer, can enhance employee’s skills and further team-building.

In today’s society, not only do employees and job seekers expect initiatives to be enacted by their current or prospective employer, yet consumers are seeking for these steps to be taken as well. Maintaining a good corporate reputation continues to increase company value whilst boosting business morale internally among the workforce.

Increased Satisfaction

Those that frequently participate in workplace volunteering activities strengthen their employee relationships, whilst enhancing their morale and build critical skills sets and
expertise. These enhancements in employee practices drives their job satisfaction through placing their skills and working environment into alternate situations that reemphasise its benefits and current successes.

When achievements and progress can be viewed as productive across scenarios, people can engage with that success on varying levels, whilst offering their commitment to social responsibility and offering back to society alongside their fellow employees and colleagues. 


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