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New Year, New Team: Looking After Yourself and Colleagues

  • by Career Moves Group
  • 3 Jan 2019

Day-to-day employee interactions lead to the creation of company culture. If a company is heavily socialised and behave in a familial respect to one another, then they will have a very open culture. Building positive internal networks that are inclusive of work and life outside of work lead a more cooperative working environment with an air of solidarity.

This solidarity retains staff and helps the business achieve business efforts through a sociable community. This community drives company profitability through supporting the people who work with them and demonstrating clear appreciation for the efforts. Ensuring that employees are engaged through employee recognition, will increase their job satisfaction and lead to a more productive organisation.

Led from the Top Down

When a positive culture is led from the top down, then employees develop their interpersonal relationships with one another. This development and communication between staff drives their own support system, which continues to be instigated by those in leadership positions. 

When values are embodied by company leaders, and are emphasised through clear communication and dynamic charismatic personalities, organisational culture are more effective.

Respectful Relationships at All Levels

Company culture is supported by company values that permeate throughout the organisation. It can be simple to fall into ‘superstar’ mode where certain individuals appear to me more valued within an organisation rather than great encouragement across the board. This type of culture can often make people feel extradited at lower levels of the company without driving appreciate into all areas of a company. With certain business structures moving towards an agile function that relies on a flat structure and increased communication across the board, it will be easier to achieve overall appreciation of staff and their work across the company.

Culture that adapts quickly to external conditions, and maintains equal treatment of employees, invites a positive atmosphere with a collective effort to improving processes across the board. Employees should be highly valued at all levels of an organisation, and interaction across divisions will encourage a more positive environment. This environment is so important to manage a low attrition rate across all levels of a business.

Fun at Work

Fun at work is an outburst of a positive working environment in which people feel comfortable. An open environment that is focused on achieving business goals, yet allows for a free flow of conversation can assist the flow of work and offer creativity into the space.  It can be very simple to fall into routines that isolate employees from one another and closes their communication channels to one another can decrease job satisfaction and company wellbeing as people feel as if they are simply a worker to the organisation and not a person. Changing culture to increase an individual’s self-perceived value and human interaction can be a simple method to boost employee morale and productivity.

Acknowledging Personal Lives

London is notorious for staff who work hard and push their capabilities. Companies that create a co0ncerted effort to encourage their employees to focus on their family-lives and hobbies will benefit from a more refreshed workforce that works through alleviating pressures to let staff flourish. Identifying people’s lives outside of the office can prompt hard workers to remember that their existence and gratitude levels don’t solely operate on their work successes.

Of course, we do want to keep people focused on work, but removing this unnecessary stress can promote healthy alternatives outside of work and free mental space for employees to focus harder on work after having a healthy break from the office. This method will also increase understanding throughout the company of people’s individual lives, creating a more sociable, positive, and collaborative environment.

Consistency is Key

It is easy to jump onto the latest professional culture craze as an attempt to improve company wellbeing. Yet what most companies will experience is that this is a distracting process that doesn’t alleviate stresses, yet instead provides distractions rather than solutions. Finding, and brainstorming, potential opportunities to improve company wellbeing and change culture to a more positive environment for all staff will yield more results once these are implemented on a
strategic basis.

If you ar einterested in rebuilding your wellbeing strategy, or starting from scratch then please call us on 0207 758 4300.

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