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Kally Simmonds

Meet The Team: Kally Simmonds, Account Manager

  • by Kally Simmonds
  • 25 Jan 2017

Today is our second "Meet The Team" posts. Career Moves have gone through a growth period over the past year with the team growing and many promotions being made. Each week we are going to introduce you to a team member so you can get to know them a bit better. Today, we introudce Kally Simmonds, Account Manager, HR Division.

  1. When did you first get into recruitment?
    Two years ago, I came to Career Moves straight from university.
  2. Why did you get into recruitment?
    I wanted a role in which I could meet new people and work with interesting businesses. Also, I loved the team here the second I met them!
  3. What did you do before you started at Career Moves?
    I was studying a Biology degree, but I couldn’t handle the thought of a job staring down a microscope every day, so decided to go for something where you get to talk to people all day every day.
  4. What is your favourite part of working at Career Moves?
    The people for sure, and the amazing treatment, benefits and incentives we get.
  5. What does your role involve (i.e. a day in the life of…)?
    I’m an account manager for HR on the creative and media clients. So I spend my day looking for great new candidates, interviewing and organising interviews. Also working with the team to work on business development and run some of my own internal projects.
  6. What is your advice to people looking for a new role?
    Make sure you have a killer CV that’s tailored to the role you are applying for. Also don’t settle for just anything, job hunting can be a long process so it’s important to only make a move for the right role, not the first offer that appears.
  7. How do you help your clients find the perfect person to fill a role?
    We make a point of drilling into the details of the company’s culture, team, future plans to ensure the criteria not only matches with our candidates experience, but also matches with their development plans.
  8. What roles do you typically place?
    Internal HR and Recruitment positions with creative, media and technology companies.
  9. What are some companies that you have worked with (to place people)?
    Recently I have worked with PPL, Havas Media,, Deckers, Buzzfeed, Fox, Channel 4 and Ministry of Sound. To name a few!
  10. Fun fact about yourself
    I’ve climbed the tallest sand dune in the Namibian Dessert, it’s called ‘The Big Daddy’.
  11. What do you like doing outside of work?
    I’m a big foodie so going out for dinner, going out to see DJ’s and I love holidays!
  12. If you have ever lived outside the UK, where was it and why? (could include an exchange or somewhere you have been for a few months)
    I did a 2-month trip in Australia, backpacking along the east coast before spending a few weeks in China and climbed the Great Wall.
  13. What’s on your bucket list?
    I really want to do a bungee jump, but I keep chickening out. Also would love to go to America on a huge road trip.
  14. What is your goal for 2017?
    The plan is to go to Dubai with my sister also I’m determined to get back into the gym and run a half marathon.

Feel free to contact Kally for any job opportunities via email or on 0207 758 4323

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