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LinkedIn: Personal Branding for Prospective Employers

  • by Career Moves Office Support
  • 7 Sep 2018

According to Forbes, 94% of recruiters search for candidates through LinkedIn. Through keeping your online footprint aligned with industry news, thought leaders, and professional networks, you can outpace competition within the job market.

With over 20 million users in the United Kingdom alone, your online perception is in your control. Through actively using this potential network you can upskill your own understanding of the business world, whilst demonstrating your professional acumen to prospective employers, and others in your network.

Professionals hear the same tips and tricks for ‘optimising your profile’ all across the business board, yet once the standard has been set, how do we raise the professional bar?

“First you put in, then you get out” in the words of self-developmental author Brian Tracy.

LinkedIn visibility relies on social engagement, rooting from likes, shares, and your post’s general ability to create valuable discussion and conversation within your industry sector. Let’s look at how we can achieve these high rankings, improve our network visibility, and create thought-leadership that entices potential employers and recruiters.

1. Building your network

When building your online network, you’re looking for those that share your business acumen, that can teach you or shine light on additional areas of knowledge to help you further progress. These are the people that you want to be engaging with and developing that relationship. Through interacting with their posts, you can raise their visibility in your own news feed and increase your sector knowledge base.

Moving on from surface engagements, building the conversation with thought leaders you admire in your field can open your professional standing and place you at the centre of necessary business discussions on the market.

2. Customise your feed

Immerse yourself in relevant industry topics through engaging with thought leaders and removing those who deliver little to your platform. Taking control of your news feed increases your efficiency when going to market and delving into the conversation. This is a time saving tool, and will save you from those distant from your own professional brand.

3. Recommendations

Your personal network should always be the first and foremost call when promoting your online profile. Reaching out to individuals that you are connected with, who you have worked with, who can vouch for your professional expertise, and increase your overall rating. To do so will increase your visibility as search engines are moving towards focusing on customer experience, as well as other factors, such as social engagement and reach, to prove that you offer a service that is credible within your chosen field.

4. Keywords

Adopting a keyword-rich approach to your online profile, can improve your visibility to those searching for the best talent for your roles. Through playing their searching game and writing your profile for technology as well as people, you optimise your chances of being identified and brought on board to a new organisation.

5. Publishing material

Once you have grown your understanding of current hot business topics through integrating your voice into your network, take reigns of the conversation. Express your passion, professional knowledge, and include multimedia content to your profile from written posts by LinkedIn Publisher.

Building your professional accolade, demonstrating thought leadership, and presenting a vested interest in your industry, can spike your profile views as you not only add to conversations, but begin generating discussion on pertinent business topics.

You may have noticed these 5 steps implement a cycle of thought leadership.

Strategically establishing your professional self-awareness, credibility and visibility first - before entering the discussion - offers authority through understanding the market. We are working to build your network, and create the best opportunities to increase your visibility, whilst promoting yourself to prospective employees

If you are looking for a role, then always follow the basic tasks first:

  • Profile Picture
  • Background Picture
  • Details of your current position
  • Career History, inc. roles and responsibilities
  • Education

Although these profile must-haves may seem basic or superfluous, they add an invaluable human element to your online you and should not be overlooked. Building these elements, using keywords when outlining your roles and responsibilities, offers the viewer a background to yourself as a professional individual, rather than just another profile.

Use these to add personal touches to your demonstrable business acumen and highlight your professional progressions. After someone reads one of your detailed, thought-provoking, and conversation-starting articles, you want them to know who you are as a professional person, beyond your industry knowledge.

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