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Labour promises to ‘restore the balance’ of gig economy worker’s rights

  • by Career Moves News
  • 18 Sep 2018

John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, said that a Labour government would provide gig economy workers more rights, including sick pay and parental leave.

Mr McDonnell vows the party will force ‘irreversible shift in wealth and power’ through ‘ownership funds’. All private companies employing over 250 people would be required to set up ‘ownership funds’ to provide workers financial stake in their companies. This is a part of radical plans announced by Labour during preparation for a possible upcoming general election.

Speaking to the Observer, the shadow chancellor, says during his Summer election planning, the focus of Labour’s drive will be to deliver increased equality through forcing an ‘irreversible shift in wealth and power in favour of working people’.

In a speech to the TUC conference in Manchester last Tuesday, he outlined the proposals that could mean workers receive dividends to boost their incomes.

‘Labour’s programme of workplace reform will restore the balance between employer and worker with a significant extension of trade union rights, modernising corporate governance structures and extending the opportunity for employees to share collectively in the benefits of ownership of their company.’

He cites a recent report by the Institute for Public Policy Research, that presented ideas for giving millions of people ‘a great stake and voice in their workplaces’, as a means to boost productivity, morale, and incentives. The IPPR said ‘the aim would be to give more people a share of capital and to spread economic power and control in the economy by expanding decision rights of employees in the management of companies’.

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