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Kate Williams on the Employment Forecast

  • by Kate Williams
  • 6 Aug 2018

Growing confidence in the UK Labour Market is increasing operational placements in the HR and Support space. These increases have been seen throughout permanent and temporary vacancies in Q2. Currently, permanent placements are experiencing a softer rise compared to the steeper increase in temporary vacancies during Summer. Demand for highly talented professionals within the Support and HR space has spiked leading into this second quarter and continues to heighten starting salaries.

<Employment Forecast>, <Human Resources>, <HR jobs>, <PA jobs>, <EA jobs>, <London>, <London Recruitment>

As the Support market changes, we asked our cross-industry Permanent Consultant Kate Williams, for her thoughts on these changes:


Overall, what changes do you see in the London Support Space?


“The technology start-up market is booming. Every day we hear of new opportunities in London. Industry 4.0 is changing our perspective on power dynamics as companies want staff who can function across all levels. 

“The market landscape is evolving. The business assistant within these start-up companies have more opportunities for personal development than ever, power structures are changing, and great staff are becoming hard to find.

“These companies need someone who manages tasks from the bottom up. There’s a change in expectations. In this flat-structure fashion, companies want professionals who can be making coffee, then acting as Chief of Staff.

“Often the assistant is required to get involved with everything from supplier negotiations to preparing pitches, to working across time zones and project managing from the Christmas party to contractual agreements.

“We’ve been seeing statistics from the REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation) that confirms these ever-expanding markets, and employers are capturing this as their chance to fight for the best staff to join their teams.

“And these market movements are a great thing. This means we have more opportunities. Speaking to candidates, we can see their confidence and commitment to finding the right fit for them, as well as the company. Professionals are so eager to see what more is out there, and from a market perspective, this means there’s huge growth as business are eager to hire.”

Growth Initiatives Boost Candidate Demand

Client confidence in the UK Labour Market has boosted investment across London industries. Demand in the Operational Space has increased due to investment in business growth initiatives throughout Office Support, HR, and Core Operational roles. This growing strength in the UK economy is providing shareholders with positive projections for businesses and further supporting their investment in key growth initiatives for operational roles at the centre of organisations.

Permanent staff vacancies have continually risen for 22 months. The REC has projected a steady increase for the remainder of 2018. Recruitment agencies are registering the highest increase in temp billings for 5 months, which is expected to continue into Q3.

Top Talent Pools for Operational Staff Decrease

Overall, candidate availability is declining due to the increasing number of hires snapping up the top talent within the operational space. It is reported that talent pools are decreasing in the following positions:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Office Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Administrators
  • UI and UX Designers

The steepest decrease in talented professionals is found in London. Businesses have increasingly grown for 5 years, resulting in a decrease of available professionals. As shareholder engagement with UK businesses boost, 50% of employer’s express concerns over sufficient availability of top permanent hires in operational support.

Higher Salaries Awarded at Offer Stage

The latest survey data indicates an accelerated rise in starting salaries. According to REC panel members, a lack of highly qualified candidates is driving up salary offers circa. £3,700 across the market. This increase is also noted in short-term placements due to the higher demand for workers and low temporary staff availability. Competition is high, please get in touch.

To recruit the best talent on the market, please email Kate Williams at:

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