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Daniel Seymour

January - Queens Park Community School Career Ready Program

  • by Daniel Seymour
  • 3 Mar 2017

For the past 12 years Career Moves has been involved with the Career Ready program which prepares young people in 6th Form for the workforce. Spearheaded by Sheryll Karpell and with a group of Career Moves employees, once a month she leads a session at Queens Park Community School for the students in the Career Ready program.

On Wednesday we attended our third session of the year after a two-month break. During this break, the students have started to gain more confidence and have had the opportunity to network with some potential employers. With that in mind, we decided to do a session on networking and what the student’s believed networking meant to their career prospects.

We spoke to them about the importance of networking and how to network. We broke off into three groups and performed role plays of different networking situations. These role plays highlighted the importance of asking open and probing questions and the student’s said that they now see how important it is to speak to people as you never know who you could be speaking with.

All the students were really involved and engaged and we ended the session by setting them the task of trying to speak to five people they have never spoken with before to help them improve their networking/communication skills.

We look forward to our next session in April which will cover social media networking and how to use LinkedIn.

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