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Marina Boor

Five minutes with Office Coordinator Grace Bullingham

  • by Marina Boor
  • 7 Sep 2015

The role of an Office Assistant or Coordinator can be incredibly complex with conflicting deadlines, problems to solve and a never ending to-do list! This week Career Moves Office Coordinator Grace Bullingham gives an insight into her top tips for success.

1. Organisation is Key

It goes without saying that to be an effective Office Coordinator, you have to be organised and able to multitask.

We are a very busy recruitment office so it’s important the administration and filing is completed efficiently and effectively. Everything should have its place and be labeled so the entire office knows where to find something. Some people see admin as a really boring part of the job but if you think about it, it’s actually one of the key parts of business.

2. Be proactive

Being an Office Coordinator is a very hands-on role and no day is the same. I get a lot of satisfaction out of working at Career Moves as I’m involved in all different parts of the company and really enjoy the variety.

There are lots of ways to be pro-active in your role. Look to take on additional responsibility to develop your skills and experience. Maybe get involved in the social committee – help organise the Christmas party or assist the Marketing Manager with social media tasks.

Of course, the more you get involved in, the more organised you have to be to ensure you can fit it in your day. Plan your days to allow room for other tasks – nominate a day of the week for each task where you spend an hour completing it. Before you know it, it becomes a natural habit!

3. Make Continual Improvements

To be a good Office Coordinator or Assistant, it’s not just about getting the general job done. It’s seeking to improve existing systems and processes, asking to get involved in projects and helping others when needed.

I’ve recently helped to streamline our internal processes, created an information pack for new Career Moves employees and implemented client packs, which our teams use. Don’t settle for existing processes if you can see room for improvement, you spot an error, or you know a more efficient way of carrying out a task – communicate it and act upon it!

4. Small changes matter

You can transform your office by implementing small changes. Ensuring you have an effective cleaning strategy in place, putting up artwork to brighten up the office or introducing a clean up on a chosen day each month. I introduced a ‘Crazy Clean’ on the last Friday of every month, this ensures everyone’s desks are tidy and free of any unwanted paperwork. A clear desk = a clear mind!

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