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Event: Designing Wellbeing Strategy to Engage Talent

  • by Career Moves Events
  • 12 Oct 2018



On Thursday 15th November, Career Moves Group are partnering with Kate Flowerdew from Thrive, Performance, and Wellbeing to host our quarterly event.

This quarter we are holding a breakfast roundtable on the topic "Designing Wellbeing Strategy to Engage Talent". Following graduation season, many have realised that expectations in the workplace has developed over the years, and although we have witnessed an increase in employees take mindfulness and personal wellbeing, some companies are yet to adopt the same practices, resulting in high employee attrition rates. 

Recent findings have discovered that the implementation of wellbeing strategy increases their employee morale and engagement, created a healthier and more inclusive culture, with a lower sickness absence. We know common issues in the workforce are mental health, stress, 'presenteeism' and 'leaveism' but we will be unpicking these issues to understand the core problems, and how integrating a wellbeing strategy can influence positive results, and retain the highest quality talent in your organisation. 

The cost of stress in the workplace, results in a greater intention to quit among employees as psychological distress and decreased company commitment wears the psychological contract between employers and employees. When these stresses evolve from an unhealthy company culture, and toxic practices remain unresolved, employees are inclined to seek new employment to the levels of anxiety and depression. Yet as new processes and workplace practices can be implemented, companies save themselves an average of £11,000 on the cost to replace a staff member.

We will be working towards implementing affordable, practical, and effective methods to achieve sustainable success in a healthy, forward-thinking, work environment. Through understanding the underlying patterns of a disengaged workforce, companies open themselves to tailored frameworks that promote good mental health in the workplace. 

We know that budgetary constraints often hold great influence on the purchase of wellbeing benefits, rather than the purpose of those purchases themselves, such as managing identified health issues  or aligning the organisation's health and wellbeing strategy. The CIPD's recent findings detail that when purchasing decisions are primarily influenced by budgetary constraints, as well as an adhoc execution of wellbeing practices, organisations are less likely to witness positive impacts of a well being strategy - primarily because technically they are not utilising one!

Join us on November 15th to look at robust frameworks to promote your organisations general wellbeing.

Kate Flowerdew will be leading the session, and is a coaching and wellbeing specialist with a Masters in Business Coaching, and a Diploma in Nutrition. When partnering with companies, Kate helps the company design and implement tailored employee wellbeing programmes that focus on:

· Reducing sick leave and absence

· Improving your employer branding

· Creating a healthy and motivated business culture

On November 15th, Kate will kindly be taking a two hour workshop with industry leaders from all major sectors to discuss and improve current wellbeing strategies.

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