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Harriet Kempton

Euro Sweepstake for Barts Charity

  • by Harriet Kempton
  • 17 Jun 2016

As part of our support for Barts Charity, the Career Moves team have joined in the 2016 Euro Football Sweepstake. Each staff member picked a team out of the hat, the office was decorated in flags and the football has been playing in the background on the TV.

There were lots of laughs as people got teams they thought would definitely not win versus those that were in with at least a chance at a win.

Yesterday the office was captured by the England Vs Wales game and the end of the game was met with lots of applause when England came through with the goods. 

At the end of the tournament the winner and runner up will receive some money and You Earned It Points, as part of our fantastic Employee Benefit Program.

The rest of the money went to Barts Charity to help patients in the hospitals they look after.

Did you have a sweepstake in your office? How is your team going? 

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