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Lydia Baxter

Employment Forecast: Quarter 1

  • by Lydia Baxter
  • 1 Apr 2018

How Can You Retain and Attract the Best Talent?

With 2017’s demand for top support talent expected to continue throughout 2018, we look at market trends for how you can attract and retain the best professionals.

The Current Market…
2018 is currently experiencing a boost in demand for tier-top office support professionals. This increase followed 2017 business growth initiatives that have continued to expand, and is predicted to last throughout 2018. These developments mean there’s a higher selection of opportunities for candidates, which has increased competition for new hires, boosted the average salary and increased counter-offers.

Focus on hiring at Executive and C-Suite levels
Market demand for top-tier support professionals rose across all levels throughout the UK and across most industries, with a specific increase for Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants at Executive and C-Suite levels.
Boost in average salary at offer-stage
This spike in demand has pulled up the salary average of these professionals as competition increases. As executives and businesses look to attract talent into the organisations, the average salary at offer-stage has increased circa. £5,000.

Boost in counter-offers
Within this competitive space, organisations bid to retain first-rate staff, which has risen counter-offers. Despite the increase of salary at offer stage, more interviewees are rejecting offers and choosing to remain in their organisation, demonstrating that salary may not be the most important factor to the candidate.

Increased focus on hiring team support roles
Businesses are now exploring larger cross-functional support structures to target overall efficiency, this has then promoted increased communication.

What are Candidates Seeking…
Candidates are seeking attractive brands that incite their growth and involvement within the organisation. By recognising the shift of workplace demands, the employer will have an edge to meet the professional’s need for more responsibility within an exciting role.

Sarah Savage Career Moves’ Office Support Head of Department has noticed these trends:

It’s not all about salary
Although salary is an important factor to generate interest in a new employer, last year witnessed a shift to other professional attractions, such as mindfulness, stress management, and modernised working spaces to incentivise productivity.

Increased progression and scope
Employers should pay acute attention to employee requests for progression and scope within their role to make their offer more attractive to the interviewee. Opportunities to develop internally and adopt specialised projects to provide further support has increased in popularity amongst high-end candidates.

More responsibility and growing expectations
Companies who continue to develop the business support role into a diverse and challenging position, that is both hands-on and involved within the organisation, primes success in acquiring the most sought-after candidates on the market. The increased focus on hiring team support roles, which work across an organisation, aids this growing need for complexities and challenges within a new position.

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