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Emma Raywood

Career Moves volunteers at Whitechapel Mission

  • by Emma Raywood
  • 28 Oct 2016

On Wednesday a few of the Career Moves team took the morning out of the office to volunteer our services for the Whitechapel Mission

The Whitechapel Mission provide an incredible service for the homeless and marginalised, and help around 300 people each day – without any public funding.

After a bright and early 4.30am wake up call, we spent the morning making and servicing breakfast, endless cups of tea and coffee and handing out soap/towels/toothbrushes etc. The team at Whitechapel Mission do such an incredible job and provide a nice warm, welcoming and friendly place for people that have very little. The gratitude of the people using the service was so heart-warming and made the experience all the more rewarding.

The stories from some of the users are heart-breaking to hear and are a big reminder that we should not only be more grateful but that more has to be done to help those in need. From the teenage boy with schizophrenia whose mother could no longer cope with him at home, to the guy who’d been on the streets since the age of 14 – after his mother died, leaving him with an abusive father – but now as an adult and after many years of going to the Whitechapel Mission, he now works for them. He spent the morning working with us in the kitchen and he was so incredibly friendly and helpful to all the volunteers.

We all came away from the experience feeling very humble and with our eyes wider to the needs of those less fortunate. I would recommend to any business considering paying for a team building day, to instead take the time to volunteer and give something back to the community. A fantastic bonding experience that everyone can feel proud of.

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