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Harriet Kempton

Career Moves Values

  • by Harriet Kempton
  • 1 Aug 2017

Earlier this year the Career Moves team voted on new values for our company, words that would represent who we are in 2017.

The votes were counted and we arrived at 5 new values:

Creativity. Knowledge. Integrity. Collaboration. Passion.


To embed these values we put everyone into teams so that they could collaborate with other team members to come up with a creative presentation around one of the 5 values.

The Creative team had questions around the company, where it started (30 years ago!) right through till now. We then got everyone to get into a line of their starting date and say something about themselves. This was a great way for everyone to get to know a bit more about people they might not have worked as closely with.

The Knowledge team put us all into teams for a pop quiz around both the company and general knowledge questions.

The Integrity team got their rap on and came in dancing and doing a rap around the company and the new values.

The Collaboration team also put us in teams and had one person on their own. We then had to remember a list of words related to the company and surrounding area, Farringdon. The teams did really well with the person on their own, not remembering as much. This showed that if it better to work collaboratively in teams rather than as individuals.

Finally, the Passion team made a poster of all the great companies that we work with and performed a poem of the way in which we constantly show passion in the work that we do, both internally with our colleagues and externally with all our clients and candidates that we work with.

This was a great way for everyone in the company to be involved, share their ideas and work with people that they wouldn’t normally on a day to day basis. We look forward to living and breathing these values and continuing to make Career Moves a Great Place to Work.

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