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Lydia Baxter

Career Moves LinkedIn Challenge

  • by Lydia Baxter
  • 2 Aug 2018

Just before term was out, Career Moves visited Queen’s Park Community School just as they completed their final session run by Career Ready UK. After working all year to improve their professionalism to increase their chances of success within the work space, they embarked on the final hurdle – the digitisation of the UK Job Market and making their stamp on this vast online network.

QPCS Students taking a Summer Internship

Our Career Moves Groups consultants worked alongside these students to show them the importance of promoting your online presence – not only from our perspective, but also from that of our leading clients are seeking. Since, as professionals, we have all watched LinkedIn grow into the powerful career development tool we know it to be, we wanted to teach these students the importance of self-branding, thought leadership, and building a relevant network for a head-start in their future.

CMG helping set up LinkedIn profiles

In the session, we covered the simple things, such as the aesthetics of your profile and the need of a current and professional looking photograph to present a warm and friendly front to whoever wants to contact you. Although social media can seem like a wall of technology, as the saying goes, we buy into people before we buy into the vision, so we need to add a human front to our online profiles.

From here we discussed the importance of growing their networks, and suggested thought-leaders within their area of interest that they could connect with and follow to help build their own knowledge banks. After doing so, we found articles tailored to each student’s professional interests, that bore relevance with their own career ambitions, and then showed the students how to share these onto their profiles to demonstrate wider interests in the world of business.

Over the course of the Summer Holidays, the students have opted into a Summer internship through Career Ready UK. Career Ready UK supports students looking to break into the professional world through providing opportunities that may not have easily accessible otherwise.

Ziyad Dejbaei is currently at Brainlabs, a performance marketing agency helping their Business Development team with competitor research from rival digital marketing companies within the industry.

"You have no real understanding of the world of work and the balance between personal and profession until you actually are in it. Experiencing this now has given me an invaluable insight which will shape my future decisions."

Jayne Lwelyn who runs the Career Ready programme at Queen’s Park Community School has seen the students develop over the course of the academic year:

“The experience and knowledge that Career Moves employers bring to the Career Ready programme is invaluable in preparing the students for work, they have ensured the students have the skills that employers are looking for in new recruits.”

The students will be working with high-profile companies across sector industries, such as CitiBank, Just Eat, and 4Ps Marketing, and we want to help them get the most out of these experiences. We helped the students find their internship mentor through LinkedIn and connect, whilst also observing how these individuals present their profiles, and what can be stylistically transferred into the students’ own.

With the evolution of the online community, we wanted to introduce the next generation to the powers of the internet, highlighting key areas for any LinkedIn profile. If you would like to know more about LinkedIn as a business professional, or to hear more about the commitment Career Moves Group dedicates to its local community, then please contact me at

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