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Kate Williams

Career Moves gets Career Ready!

  • by Kate Williams
  • 9 Feb 2018

Spearheaded by Career Move’s Sheryll Karpel, a group of Recruitment Consultants made their way to Queen’s Park Community School last week to continue with their work through the ‘Career Ready’ scheme.  

Career Ready is a UK wide charity linking employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people. This initiative gives students to whom these opportunities wouldn’t normally be so available, the confidence, skills and networks to achieve their potential. They work with experts in education and business to develop high quality, employer-endorsed materials, which deliver a set of skills for Career Success to help students compete with the best in the country.

During last week’s visit, we discussed with the students what they thought were examples of appropriate ‘work behaviour’. A lively discussion ensued that saw ideas such as: ‘being passionate about your work’, ‘resourceful’, ‘respectful’, ‘hardworking’ and ‘trustworthy’ being put forward.

The group was then split in to three and asked to create role plays to demonstrate ways these behaviours could be displayed at work. Our first group decided to tackle how to handle social media/phone use at work and how this could impact you ‘giving it your all’ at work. The second group went down the route of addressing management and colleagues at work – covering everything from the initial handshake through to answering questions in a confident and polite manner. Our final group tackled how to treat colleagues at work and that how perhaps the offer of assistance with someone’s workload when yours has cleared could go a long way to helping someone.

The students really got in to this month’s session – their enthusiasm is contagious! We look forward to seeing them again next month.

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