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Brand Awareness and Real-Time Marketing

  • by Career Moves PR, Marketing & Digital
  • 29 Nov 2018

Planned strategy has evolved to include the unplanned. Real-time events in the public’s eye can be optimised to increase awareness and consumer engagement. Through developing real-time communications with audiences, brands are opening themselves to standout, and be quick to market, outside of traditional seasonal areas, which are often overcrowded.

In the world of social media, practitioners are seeking to reach the top of consumer’s newsfeeds and timelines with relevant information that intertwines a brand into everyday life. When a brand engages with a customer’s life, beyond their traditional role, ignites the story narrative that positions the consumer as the hero with a problem who is in need of help.

In this story narrative, as many are aware, the company then comes along as a guide to the hero that solves their problem and brings them to success. Constructing quick and quality content that activates this emotional trigger in the consumer’s mind increases brand awareness through fitting the company into the natural narrative of the consumer’s life.

Yes, trends can still be identified, and strategies can still be created around seasonal timings, that have previously optimised sales. But the online community continues to grow, and ad spaces become more expensive as competition increases to break through the noise and reach the target audience. Brands need to work harder to prove that they are both beneficial and problem-solving to the consumer, and when’s better than the real-time.

Through optimising real-time events and creating an emotional relationship with the consumer that resonates with their current needs based on external events, great PR can solve their internal insecurities produced by the event through offering the solution in terms of their company and branding. This means then brands the company as supportive, with an ear to the ground the moments that are affecting their consumer’s lives.

A key element to this, especially in social media, is, you guessed it, speed and agility. Being able to work through complex scenarios and angle the brand to organically fit the conversation, without seeming out of place, is a core component to successfully deliver this branding strategy.

For example, Guzzle Buddy, an American company who fashioned a glass to fit on top of a wine bottle capitalised on the presidential debates in 2017 with the following tweet:

‘Get a Guzzle Buddy for the last debate, you’re gonna need it!‘

From here their consumer market exploded over the following weeks and the company profited from a well-timed tweet that incorporates their brand into their target audience’s life.

Of course, not all posts can go viral, and not all public events are the right conversation for each brand. Around this, ertain guidelines should be set to predetermine whether a company should get involved, and whether this will help the overall brand messaging and increase the reach to the target audience - as this the always the question on the lips of the PR team. Consult the legal team if necessary and a political matter.

Consumers have expectations of companies, which means that if a company seemingly steps out of line, crosses a boundary, and positions themselves as the centre of a major event, rather than a part of a consumer’s life, they very easily open themselves to public disapproval.

As an alternative, events do not necessarily need to be directly in the public eye. Another route to capitalising on real-time marketing is following the event of customer feedback. Engaging with customers in real-time communication, either publicly on a forum or through privately delivered means, can position a brand as informed, in touch, and on the pulse of their target audience’s needs. Following feedback, a company can construct a PR strategy that works to improve their public image and solve the problem that’s been presented.

If real-time marketing is a true PR focus that works on a customer-first model to solve real-life, real-time, consumer problems, rather than an afterthought, brands can position themselves as a true asset to their customer’s life. This level of considered, and positive engagement targets an audience and can develop their trust as a brand is perceived as paying attention to other areas of their life and providing real-life solutions.

Real-time marketing is not for the faint hearted, in the crowded and diverse platforms, it is easy for messages to become washed away and efforts to become lost. In these circumstances knowing the company brand, knowing the company purpose, and identifying a company’s blend into a consumer’s life is at the forefront of any campaign, especially those that require the quick-thinking and first-to-market approach necessary for success in real-time marketing.

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