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Harriet Kempton

Blog: Essential PA Skills - Bringing Creativity to PowerPoint.

  • by Harriet Kempton
  • 26 May 2016

Bringing Creativity to PowerPoint.

After Bonnie Cookson (EA to CEO and Chairman at Hailo) we were treated to a presentation by Rosie Cannon. Wow. I feel slightly ashamed about all my previous PowerPoint’s after seeing Rosie’s presentation. This girl knows what she is talking about, not to mention the amount of things you can do in PowerPoint that I don’t think many people would even know exist.

Here is some great ideas for your next PowerPoint that we took away from her presentation:


  • Is it for a fun or formal deck?
  • Get as much information as you can to ensure you are meeting the clients needs and the deck is appropriate for their presentation.

Fill the space:

  • Fill the space appropriately.
  • Use as much space as possible with the most appropriate images.
  • Putting transparent block of text of image can be very effective.
  • Have images stocked up so you can use them as background fillers.

Cutting Back

  • Don’t use all the images just because you have them.
  • Ensure your client can understand what you are trying to portray – don’t overcrowd the slide for the sake of it.


  • Think outside the square, what images can convey your message.
  • Images do not need to be literal.

Getting Creative

  • How can you create something boring (i.e. numbers) into something that will capture the audiences interest?

Rosie provided us with some invaluable lessons on PowerPoint and showed us that by getting a little creative and trying out a few different things you can really make something pop! There is nothing worse than attending presentation and someone reading straight off the slides. Have a think about how you can make your presentation exciting and engaging for your audience. What will excite and motivate them? There is so much you can do and I think we all walked away with a newfound appreciation for PowerPoint.

 We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rosie for sharing her knowledge with us.

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