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Mark Kite

Apprenticeship Levy 2017

  • by Mark Kite
  • 27 Jul 2017

A few weeks ago, Mark Kite held an Apprenticeship Levy Roundtable at the Career Moves office.

With the Apprenticeship Levy being introduced this year it is essential that businesses are aware of how this will impact them.

See what Mark had to say below.

As an interim support to large employers now having to pay the apprenticeship levy it is evident that some employers are not taking the opportunity to utilise their levy funds effectively.

The key issues sit around the organisational design for talent and learning and development. For most it seems like business as usual and they might be able to employ a few young people as apprentices but no consideration regarding upskilling existing staff. This is beginning to change but it is time to start now if opportunity is to be taken and the levy tax used effectively. I have also noticed that some employers are suggesting that skilled qualified assessors aren’t required by the new apprenticeship standards.

This is true to some extent but putting apprenticeships into line managers and supervisors as an additional part of their job role is a significant risk. I have ‘rescued’, employers that have fallen into this trap over the years.

There are significant costs and training involved developing supervisors tor Line Managers to support the apprenticeship programme and ambition.

They will also have to work to the same Awarding Organisation and Ofsted Common Inspection Framework standards and requirements.

The supervisors and Line Managers will also have to carry on with the “day job”, which will always be their priority - not the apprentices.

They will also require an apprenticeship workload in order to achieve completion targets, payments and claim back the levy.

They will be called away to address work problems and assessment won’t happen, achievement rates will fall.

Employers should beware this trap as it is very inviting but even more costly in the long run.

If you would like further information around this or are looking for interim contract yourself, or are in need of some interim support within your business, please get in touch.

Michelle Greensword – Senior Account Manager – HR Interims

0207 758 4312

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