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Top tips for grads to maximise their potential whilst applying for jobs

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Whilst it can be hugely daunting when candidates are first starting out and making those initial applications, it is also a huge opportunity to shape what they’re looking for in their future career and what they can offer to prospective employers. With that in mind, there are several ways that new graduates can really maximise their potential as job applicants and make themselves stand out against the competition when applying for highly in-demand roles.

Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager

  • A great tip is to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager; they will be looking for candidates who really stand out and show that they are passionate about the job they’re applying for. A covering letter accompanying your CV when you apply for a job is a great way of tailoring your application and explaining in detail why you are the best person for the job, you can also show that you have researched the company and understand exactly what they are looking for. This is also a great space to highlight any transferable skills and fine tune your application to the role you’re applying for.

Be succinct

  • It is generally best to keep your CV as succinct as possible whilst capturing the key points of your experience and qualifications so far – try to keep it to one page or two at most wherever possible.

Utilise Linkedin

  • A great way of ensuring that employers see your profile is to build a strong presence on social media, particularly LinkedIn. Join groups associated to the industry you want to work in, comment and like posts from prospective employers – all of this will grow your profile and maximise your chances of getting noticed.


  • Apprenticeships are a great way of building experience and getting a taste for the industry and roles you want to work in. They also look great on your CV and show a level of experience which will enable you to hit the ground running in future job roles. Volunteering is also great for this, and shows your willingness to participate in schemes targeted at helping others, a huge plus point for employers.

Build relationships

  • Building strong relationships with recruiters and hiring managers is hugely valuable as they will remember you when suitable roles come in.


  • At interview stage, it sounds obvious but a well presented and well spoken candidate will always stand out. Dress smartly and speak clearly and confidently, and, crucially, always arrive on time

Not always easy but try to stay positive!

  • Finally, job searching can be really daunting, so always remember to stay positive, and do not get demotivated if you receive a couple of no’s. The perfect job is out there waiting for you!

This article was written by CMG's very own HR consultant Kat Lamba