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​Top Tips for Preparing for a Virtual Interview

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Whilst a lot of us are well versed in company Zoom calls, not everyone will have done a Zoom interview…it is easy to get complacent beforehand if you’re someone who regularly uses video calls for work only, for things to not go to plan the day of your interview. As the saying goes, ‘you can never over prepare’. CMG have listed some fail proof tips, to ensure you handle your interview with the utmost confidence.

Set the scene!

Make sure you have good lighting

 We cannot tell you how many times we have spoken to clients or candidates who have been disgruntled by the other person’s screen having poor lighting. Whether this be from sunlight streaming across the screen, or a room that is shrouded in darkness, not being able to see the person interviewing you clearly and vice versa won’t make for a great first impression. Make sure if there is natural light coming into your space, it does not distract from your interview or if you’re in a particularly dark room, there is a side lamp turned on.

Pets, family and housemates!

 Pre warn the household of your interview, so everyone knows to make a concerted effort to be quieter. If you have pets, if possible

try and make sure they are put in a separate room (with some treats!) to stop them distracting you. Likewise, children or absent minded housemates!

 If someone does come bounding into your interview, your interviewer will hopefully be understanding as there are some things that are beyond your control. Your interviewer is human too so if the random outburst of a new guest flusters you, take a moment and gather yourself before continuing with the rest of the interview.

Dress professionally

Through lockdown it is fair to say, that lots of us have taken the ‘comfort is key’ approach when it comes to work attire. This is great, however not for an interview. Looking smart and presentable shows you have made an effort, you’re serious about the role and you are trying to make a good first impression. There is nothing to say you can’t be in casual wear from the waist down…

Check the software works  

Get on early and check that everything tech based is running smoothly on the day. If the person interviewing you has sent across links for your interview with a platform you aren’t familiar with- make sure you give yourself 15 minutes to navigate the software before starting. There is nothing like having a tech crisis, arriving onto the call late and then starting the interview a little ruffled as a result.

Hold eye contact

We have all heard of zoom fatigue. Staring at someone across a screen is far more intense that looking at them in person. We’ve all been guilty at looking at our own square rather than the person’s square that we should be looking at – blame lockdown hair for that one- or just absentmindedly looking off your screen entirely! However, holding consistent eye contact is important. There will be a time where you will have to meet this person in person and they should feel confident that you have good communication skills to do the role at hand!

Check the filters are off!

If you haven't been acquainted with the 'I'm not a cat' viral video of a lawyer on zoom who has a cat filter on his face, then get acquainted here! If you share your computer with friends or family, or perhaps celebrated a recent colleagues birthday over zoom with a backdrop of balloons, make sure you have checked this out beforehand. Even if the person interviewing you doesn't mind, you will find it very distracting which may stop you from showcasing your best self.

Finally, don't forget to breathe! No one enjoys interviews, however with each one you do, you will be more ready for the next one.

From us to you, good luck! We are sure you will smash it.