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'Attracting the best and the brightest' with Di Maxfield-Twine, Chief Human Resources Officer at Superbet

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Superbetis the Romanian betting and gaming company attracting the best and the brightest talent across the globe. It is not only their exponential growth and success that makes them impressive, but also their ‘sky is the limit’ attitude. This is a company that breathes entrepreneurship and tech, with their values and employees being the focal point of what lies at the very core of the business. We were able to talk to Di Maxfield-Twine, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Superbet, who shares her insight into joining a high growth company and implementing a structured HR Strategy to ensure the future success and wellbeing of both company and employees alike.

Superbet’s growth and shift in focus

As an organisation Superbet has over 4,000 employees employed in 14 countries, working across retail, online, tech, trading, marketing, and corporate functions. The organisation is going through a huge period of growth. To support this growth the HR team has moved to an agile model, removing the silos in HR, working in product teams where employees as the customer are included, work is undertaken in sprints, and there is a constant focus on innovating the people experience.

 Integrating and implementing culture and HR strategy

I joined Superbet in January 2020 and seven weeks later we were in lockdown. The challenge of trying to understand a new organisation and evolve a HR model became that much greater and managing COVID and its implications became our priority.

It was tough not being able to travel to meet stakeholders and the stakeholders being so incredibly diverse. The thing that really helped us understand what we needed to do was interviewing stakeholders and finding ways to constantly evaluate our activity.

As Superbet is founder led, it instantly changes the dynamic of the workplace and it is very different from working for a large corporation. Employees are extremely engaged and believe in the mission; this is why it was so important to make sure everyone’s voices are heard. We’ve implemented a number of ways to do this including People Champions, Bureaucracy Busting, People Open Hours, Superbet Today, our internal communication platform for sharing and feedback.

Top talent is seeking us out – HR has never been more important

We are an extremely ambitious organisation, and our ambition is infectious. We have been attracting top talent from large and renowned organisations including big tech names. The tech talent we employ is best in class, creating real impact across the business.

The HR Team at Superbet has never been more important as not only we are ensuring that we are attracting top talent, but we are also ensuring that we are retaining them as well. Everyone wants to be a part of this journey and our ambition is that we take the business to the moon! Supporting our employees so they feel equipped for this journey is essential for its success.

Going forward

We are very lucky in terms of how much support Superbet gives employees and when you’re juggling both work and home schooling (something I do), working for an organisation that takes a human approach is invaluable. For me personally it is important that I am mindful, focussed and structured with my time so I can get the balance of both work and looking after my daughter. Striking that balance is made all the more easier when working for an organisation that prioritises looking after their employees as much as Superbet does.

Notwithstanding the general uncertainty of the world right now, we are continuing to look to the future. We are looking at what the return to work will look like, we are very focused on creating a culture of flexibility, encouraging a balance of home and office working and output rather than presentism. We’ve supported this by removing our limits on annual leave. We believe our employees are best placed to manage their time.

The next three months for us is ensuring that our HR team both enhances and creates an incredible employee experience because we really believe in the power of people.


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