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​Becoming a UX Designer

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What does a UX Designer do?

UX stands for user experience and best describes the interaction that a person has with a product or service. If we use an app or website for browsing purposes and end up making a purchase at the end of it, with both ease and efficiency, it means we have had a good user experience.

If we were to land on a website or app that took ages to load, with a confusing layout or a complicated check out process we may end up leaving before making a purchase because it is not user friendly. This would equate to a poor user experience.

Things that UX designers need to think about when mapping out websites and apps are things like:

·         How easy is the navigation of the website?

·         How simple is the layout?

·         How does the user feel when using it?

·         Does the user have to exert that much effort when they are on the page?

·         Would they recommend the

UX Designers combine market research, product development, strategy and design to create easy user friendly experiences for products, services and operations.

What are the qualities of a UX Designer?

UX Designers unlike a lot of professions, don’t always classically have the same background; with those in field coming from a wide range of specialisms such as design, marketing, communications, computer science and psychology - amongst others!

What is essential though is the qualities that UX Designers need in order to be successful.

·         Problem solvers

·         Analytical

·         Personable

·         Creative

·         Good story tellers

·         Constantly evolving

·         Pay close attention to detail

·         User empathy

·         Can see the end goal

What do you expect to be doing as a UX Designer?

·         Mapping out user stories, personas wireframes and prototypes based on previous research

·         Present wireframes and prototypes to key stakeholders in order to convince them why UX can add value to their products

·         Demonstrate how a new product will work and justify changes based on qualitative feedback

·         Apply interaction design principles

·         Be proficient in using industry tools such as Adobe InDesign, Zeplin, Marvel, Sketch and Invision as well as keeping abreast of new industry tools that come to market

·         Appreciate the basics of programming

How to become a UX Designer?

If you did not obtain a degree in this field, then at the very least doing a UX Designer certified course or boot camp would be advised. This is a great way of feeling best equipped when entering such a competitive market; the boot camps will allow you to build prototypes but also contacts within the industry. Read around the subject as much as you can, but also get out there and start doing some real world UX Design – easily said than done. When you’re just starting out and trying to build on your portfolio, volunteering your design skills can help you build a good foundation of work. The more work you can show you have done, the more you have to talk about when it comes to your processes. This will give those thinking of hiring you as a UX Designer a chance to see how you solve problems and tell stories through your user experience.

Key things to look out for when deciding on a UX Design Course:

·         Project based learning

·         Focus on portfolio building

·         Good community for networking

·         Expert led

·         Career Support

As with anything practice makes perfect. The more you refine your skill, the better you will become. Breaking into the field of UX Design is super exciting because it requires such a varied set of skillsets. No brief will ever be the same, just as no user story will be the same.

Wishing you all the best on your user journey! If you’re looking to talk to one of our recruiters about UX Design then connect with Tom Dunne and Shae Stacey today.

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