Posted 9 months ago by Camila Cesarino

Top 5 Hacks to get into Event Management

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With so much uncertainty right now, it is important for us at CMG to talk to people across a whole host of industries about how they got to where they are, which is why we were keen to chat to a previous CMG candidate Camila Cesarino. Camila works across media operations and strategic event management and has worked on the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games, and the European Championships to date. Camila now works in an event management role working at one of the ‘Big 5 Tech Companies’ in the world and continues to thrive professionally .

Read Camila’s 5 Hacks for making it into event management: 

  1. Work hard - In order to work in events management, you need to, first of all, enjoy working hard, for long and often unsociable hours.

  2. Be patient, persistent and be open to new opportunities. Some opportunities may not fit your dreams, but do not be afraid to go for it. Any opportunity is your best chance to do an awesome job and that will create new opportunities for you.

  3. Be a team player; having transparency and clear communication between you, your peers and other stakeholders is fundamental to the success of the job.

  4. Networking is all in this industry. Making contacts, being available, and being proactive is key. Despite being a world market, it is still a niche. Everyone knows each other and our paths cross often at events globally. Volunteering is the easiest way to meet people and get started. No matter if you are getting paid or not, you will be working with or for someone who can be your reference for a future job.

  5. Have a logical mind to plan, but creative enough to solve problems. 70% of our work is planning, the other 30% are solving problems.

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