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Each future is important : seeing the whole system


​By Derren Young

Derren has shared with Career Moves the first of 3 'At Home' articles

Not sure if you have noticed, but we are having very joined up conversations at the moment. In normal times we tend to focus on our priorities with a small degree of consideration for ideas or issues beyond our control. Now we have adapted, very quickly, to link up how the environment is benefiting, the economy is suffering, the performance of our politicians, our healthcare, peoples mental well-being, access to education, the strength of relationships – we are seeing the world as it truly is and comprehending the system in which we live.

As the value we place on all things; healthcare, our wealth, the importance of personal connections change, I ask, will we ever look at the world in the same way again?

The real cost of our actions is becoming clearer. Business cannot grow indefinitely. We recognise the futility of how we slaved to offices on long commutes. Missing the things we took for granted. How we delegated our children’s development and care of relatives into the hands of others and how diminishing demand is cleaning our air.

For us leaders, we need to demonstrate our ability to consider and translate the world at three levels, the macro, the meso and the micro. By this I mean, a leader needs to have an informed point of view on the world, society and their organisations place in it. The meso is consideration of the groups and communities of which we are a part and can influence. Finally, the micro is helping individuals navigate this complexity. Those who do this well operate with sound values, the right mindset and caring, humble behaviours will be most effective, able to thrive on the other side of the crisis taking their stakeholders with them.

It’s sad to see that some of our state-level leaders are failing to serve in this way and that global cooperation is declining precisely when we need our all of our leaders to encourage collaboration; working together is the only way to a better future….and continuing to consider the full picture of course.

Derren is founder and consultant at Each Future, he specialises in people, leadership & organisational development.