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UPCOMING Feb 27th: Marketing to Get Your Mum Off Tinder!


Co-Founder and CMO of Lumen, the brand responsible for coining the phrase “Get Your Mum off Tinder!” and viral sexy Santa Claus adverts, will be speaking for us next year.

Charly Lester, dating industry expert and award-winning entrepreneur will be hosting a talk on marketing to a different demographic, one that isn’t your own, and one that hasn’t been truly represented in the media.

Advertising to an older generation has always proved difficult with research showing:

· 86% wanted change in advertising

· 51% complained of too much airbrushing

· 36% deterred by models looking like plastic

· 30% complained models were made to look younger

· 36% observed too much emphasis is placed on the downsides of advancing years

Known for its “naked narrative”, Charly has stirred up advertising to over-50s and uprooted convention in the way businesses speak to this target market, liberating this generation’s voice and earning this pioneer a place on the Top 100 Tech Women Shortlist.

Over the next decade, it is predicted that one in five people in the UK will be aged 65 by the Office of National Statistics.

Charly’s mission is to make sure your mum is off of Tinder, make 50 the new 30, and reintroduce the over 50s to tech.

Join us on Thursday 27th February 2020 to discover how to speak to a different generation than your own.