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Reach the Next Level with Charly Lester

Marketing Event with Tech Women 100 Winner Charly Lester

Join award-winning entrepreneur Charly Lester CMO and Co-Founder of over 50s dating app Lumen in her revolution against ageist advertising.

We are hosting Top 100 Women in Tech Winner Charly Lester for a discussion on reaching 1.5 million users in 18 months.

In these 18 months her app has been awarded:

  • iOS’s App of the Day

  • Top 10 Lifestyle Apps in the US

  • 24th on The Startups List of promising UK businesses

Charly Lester, award-winning Co-Founder and CMO of Lumen, will be hosting a talk on marketing to a different demographic, one that isn’t your own, and one that hasn’t been truly represented in the media.

As opportunities to reach this generation diversify, we are welcoming mid-level to senior Marketing Managers and PR people to learn more about the pioneering tactics and strategy that are liberating this generation’s voice from traditional media.

Advertising to an older generation has always proved difficult with research showing:

  • 86% wanted change in advertising

  • 51% complained of too much airbrushing

  • 36% deterred by models looking like plastic

  • 30% complained models were made to look younger

  • 36% observed too much emphasis is placed on the downsides of advancing years

After a ground-breaking campaign that spoke to this demographic through their tech-savvy children, Charly adopted new tactics that has forever changed the narrative for reaching older generations. With two adverts being pulled in subsequent years from TFL, Charly is tackling stereotypes and creating media buzz at every turn, having already made headlines with the BBC in 2020.

At the end of 2019, Charly received prestigious recognition in the Tech Women 100 List. As the first dating app for this demographic, traditional standards need to be broken, rules need to be bent, and Charly is set on making 50 the new 30.

Join us on Thursday 27th February 2020 to discover how to engage with a generation different than your own, tapping into a niche market to build effective and loyal customer relationships.