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June 6th: Building a Great Place to Work

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On June 6th, we welcomed Paul Gilliam, L’Oréal HR Director to host a discussion on “Building a Great Place to Work”.

From a Devil Wears Prada look-alike in culture and processes, L’Oréal has transformed over the last 10 years to become last year’s winner of the Korn Ferry awards for Employee Engagement. Paul detailed the expertise he brought into the role to elevate productivity, agility, attraction, and retention of talent.

By uplifting the start-up mentality, they were internally renowned for, streamlining some of their chaotic approaches, and creating a transparent environment, L’Oréal has sailed into a realm of innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

We’ve produced a little report from the talk detailing the disruptive HR techniques being implemented throughout the business.

Contents including:

Who Are L'Oréal?                                                                                                        

L'Oréal are the world’s largest cosmetics company formed in 1907, often referred to as the 112 year old start-up. So through their chaos and start-up
environment, how have they rebuilt their company culture across 86,000 employees, working within 34 brands globally?

The Marketing Lens                                                                                                    

Adopting an innovative stance to HR data, and observing each employee population through a marketing lens of a demographic with different needs and drivers. Discover how the HR Director has segmented his colleagues into manageable groups of people to determine their career and employment drivers and ultimately create a more engaging environment to work within.

Our Changing Market 

With huge shifts throughout the marketplace with continual growth in consumer demand, L'Oréal has had to battle with changing company perception. The changing market needs to be understood for the business to positively alter the internal reality of the company. This is across consumer, competitor, category, channel & digital.


To develop their new culture and empower the super talent people with more autonomy, L'Oréal took a three step process across Data, Listening, and Action. In doing this, the company built ‘SIMPLICITY’, a new way of working built on taking action through listening to data on their existing employee experience.

The Positive Impact of Great Managers 

One of the insights provided from data, outlined the need to crystallise the role of the manager. In doing so it was important to establish what type of leader was going to be successful in their new world of working and how to help develop existing leaders to adapt.

Getting and Keeping the Right People                                                                      

Anyone who is trying to recruit in the marketplace right now will now how hard it is to find really good people, and it is all about talent. Developing the candidate experience is key to ensure that out of everyone, your company is the one that is chosen.

We are all Pioneering Innovators                                                                             

Decidedly working with entrepreneurial innovators within a creative organisation, has meant that extra measures need to be taken to encourage a driven work ethic. Discover three of the tried and tested methods L'Oréal has created.

Large Organisations Should Lead the Way

Breaking boundaries in the employment market means that businesses can embrace the reality of the situation and work as a collective to build a positive experience across a diverse workforce. As a large employer, brands like L'Oréal are poised to implement best practice to create an inclusive environment. See how L'Oréal have identified ways to lead within their organisation.

Where are L'Oréal Now? 

With their lowest staff turnover in 15 years, and 20 former workers returning to the organisation. L'Oréal has many successes to boast over their transformation to go above and beyond for their employees.

Question & Answer

Q:  Is the SIMPLICITY programme UK and Ireland or Global?

Q: What would you say to keep people onboard with the long-term vision?

Q: From a senior management level, how do you determine who definitely wants to be on the bus and who doesn’t?

Q: I think one of the things you’ve done well and I would like to know how, is how you’ve told stories with data and I’d like to hear more

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