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April 26th: Transform Workplace Culture

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​On April 26th, 40 HR Managers from across London joined us to learn how to engage staff with a hands-on approach to wellbeing, people and productivity.

Peaks in market activity continue to rise as HR professionals become competitive to attract the best talent. Applicants consistently have more opportunities available, and business objectives are focused on retaining productivity whilst encouraging a happy workforce.

Career Moves were absolutely delighted to host this practical and informative 90 minute masterclass with Kate Flowerdew of Thrive, Performance, and Wellbeing. This session will equip leaders with the wellbeing toolkit necessary to drive engagement within the workforce, reduce employee stress, and create a more sustainable, healthier and productive workforce.

People joined us to...

Consult with an expert

Kate Flowerdew has specialised in the People and Talent sector for over 16 years, and focuses on the relationship between people, performance, and productivity within the workplace.

With a unique combination of coaching and wellbeing practices, Kate offers the positive links between performance and wellbeing in the workplace through implementing practical sysyems to achieve sustainable success.

Engage their workforce

We learned how to create a healthy and happy workforce in today’s stressful culture.

We helped our clients create a competitive edge in the market to reduce work-related employee stress and enrich the workforce with wellbeing practices.

Put wellbeing into practice

Career Moves are pleased to assist our clients in enhancing their own professional and personal wellbeing, along with leading their workforce into a healthier environment.

Planet Organic Partnership

We partnered with Planet Organic, UK's largest certified organic supermarket to deliver this fresh perspective on the world of work within London.

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