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How to Become a Superstar Receptionist

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​As a receptionist, you play an integral role within the business. You are the face of the company and are usually the first person to have contact with anyone who enters the office. This means you create the first impression for the whole company you work for. Scary, huh? Not if you know what it takes to be a superstar receptionist.

1. Having a positive, can-do and polite attitude

These attributes are key to success! As you are greeting clients, answering calls and writing emails, having a consistent friendly approach across all types of communication is key to being a great receptionist. You want to go above and beyond so clients feel as though they are welcomed and looked after. Remember it’s very important to treat people of all levels exactly the same, whether it be the MD of a company or the office cleaner.

2. Organisation

Being highly organised is essential. You must be able to prioritise your busy work load and manage multiple demands at once. Managing expectations is part of this so you should communicate with your colleagues about when you will be able to complete tasks. This will help you to manage your daily, weekly and monthly objectives. Using your online calendar with any meetings and deadlines is a must as well as setting yourself reminders with specific tasks that need to be done.

3. Keep on top of housekeeping

General housekeeping is a great way to show that you care about detail. Ensure the reception area is clean and tidy at all times. If the cleaning company aren’t doing a good job, flag this up with your manager. Ensure office facilities, are in good working order, and again if not, notify your manager. If there are displays in reception, it is a good idea to make sure they are kept neat and tidy. Plumping up cushions or straightening magazines on the coffee table ensure that reception is kept looking presentable.

4. Confidence is Key

To be a superstar receptionist, confidence is key, as well as being able to provide excellent customer service. Receptionists need to be able to use their initiative, work well under pressure, and be approachable with a smiley face. You must be smart and presentable at all times, depending on the company you are working in, the dress code may vary but it is important to dress smartly – it doesn’t look good to be greeted by a scruffy receptionist with a creased shirt!

5. Time Keeping

Time keeping is something that you need to keep in mind. It’s really important to arrive for work on time and take your lunch break at the time agreed with your manager. This is so appropriate cover can be arranged as reception areas can’t often be left unattended. Some offices have different rules so it’s always important to ask if you have any queries. It may not be appropriate to eat at your desk, or have your personal phone out so please do check with your manager on these sorts of issues from your first day.

6. Smile!

Last but not least, always greet people with a smile! Receptionists need to have an approachable manner and always be calm, even in busy and fast paced situations. Just remember you are the first port of call across a number of pints of contact for the business so be as helpful as you can.