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Amplify your Employer Value Proposition: Create Digital Connections with Talent


​Last Thursday at Career Moves' employer event ‘Amplify Your Employer Brand’, Dave ‘Google’ Hazelhurst explained to an audience of leading HR professionals the importance of the CX – the candidate experience in the context of the employer brand and how brand marketing techniques can dramatically change how your organisation is viewed by both candidates and customers.

Dave is an expert in employer branding and recruitment experience at PH. Creative, a fast-growing creative agency based in Liverpool.

Dave’s talk focused on the importance of the employer brand in the short and long game a talent attraction strategy and about why we should look at the candidate experience much in the same way we engineer the consumer experience to ‘wow’ customer.

The Short Game

The short game is ensuring candidates don’t drop off during the recruitment process – and that the technological and organisational interface meets your candidates needs so that their candidate experience flows just as well as their consumer experience would. Sometimes it can be hard to find information about a company – with some candidates not fully understanding what the recruitment process looks like.  Dave argued that these are frustrations that can be easily rectified.

The Long Game

The long game is the candidate life-cycle, which is affected by the short-term strategy of thinking about finding the right person for a role in a transactional manner when it comes to getting the right employee on board.

For example – this can be managing the delivery of feedback of a rejected candidate in a way that ensures the candidate is left better off than they were before they have applied for the role. Why not send candidate suggestions of a mooc or course that can be taken to help change a perceived skills-shortfall? If you’re large enough to have a dedicated L&D function – it could be big enough to flex to help your prospective future hires.

The LTV of a candidate

When looking at the long-game, one can look at the life value (LTV) of a candidate, much in the same way this is looked at in the marketing world – the rationale was that if on this occasion the candidate is not right for the role, they may be right for the role or the company in the future, so the organisation should do everything they can in order to ensure the candidate would like to work for them in the future.

Candidate Experience : Consumer Experience

Talent Board surveyed 95,000 candidates that applied to over 200 companies and found out some interesting information about how the candidate experience impacts the consumer/brand relationship.

If candidates had a negative experience – 30% said they’d take their purchasing power elsewhere, but if those surveyed had a positive experience, 38% said they’d increase their spend. Is that a good figure to justify getting more in house marketing resource on board to help with your employer brand?

The Role Of Recruiters

Dave said good recruiters will do the job of ensuring the candidate experience is optimal, ensuring candidates are invested in the company and understand the culture behind the employer.