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Career Moves Spends a Day at Discovery Communications


​Sam Hiscott, Account Manger for Career Moves Office Support spent the day with Discovery Communications shadowing three line managers – Here's what she got up to!

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the morning at our clients, Discovery Communications, to shadow three of their department managers so I could gain a deeper insight into how their various departments function.

This experience was particularly valuable for me, as it allowed me to broaden my knowledge of what kinds of problems they face, their place within the broadcasting industry and in particular a deeper insight into the kind of personal skills and specialisations a candidate would require in order to be a successful hire. Rarely do we get the opportunity to shadow a day in the life of our clients – so when the opportunity came about, I jumped at the chance!

What is the Discovery Channel?

To put it in their words, Discovery is ‘TV Worth Watching’, and is one of the UK’s most well-known broadcasters, having been in operation since 1985. Discovery is best known for programmes such as Man vs Wild, Deadliest Catch, MythBusters and How Do They Do It.

I arrived at 9.15am and was greeted by the lovely Jenna Davis, Staffing Manager, who took me up to the Broadcast Schedule Operations (BSO) department – where my first shadowing session began!

9.30am – 10.30am

Who I met with: Renata Rozman – Broadcast Schedule Operations Supervisor.

What do they do?: The BSO team create  programming schedules using IBMS (a broadcast media asset management system!) ensuring all broadcasting requirements are accurate and adjusted dependent on the feed they’re transferred to. BSO work closely with various departments including Content Operations, Programme Planning and Transmission. They also regularly liaise with the European regions ensuring Ofcom Regulations are complete.


Who I met with: Katherine Walker, Content Operations Supervisor

What do they do?: The Content Operations team is made up of Coordinators, Mangers and SVPs. The coordinators are split into three PAM (Programme Asset Management) Coordinators and three Language Operation Coordinators, who play a vital part in the team. The PAM and Language Op Coordinators work extremely close together in coordinating and liaising with various departments ensuring all content is fully compliant and complete ready for sign-off. The Content Operations team operates a unique process from start to finish dealing with high volume of feeds on a daily basis.
11.30am – 12.30pm

Who I met with: Patricia Wrobel, Reversioning Manager DNI

What do they do?: Reversioning is a fundamentally creative process from start to finish! Reversisioning is the re-releasing of an entire series or production – this can be as simple as changing the title of a series for a different television territory, or ones that have entirely new voice-overs, with new content created to fit in with a particular region, or audience’s taste.

The reversioning team is split into Operations and Production Services. There are different types of reversion including ‘cut to clock’, revoicing and customising. These elements include re-writing scripts, generating cost-effective, fresh content and rehosting. Compliance is a very important part of reversioning, ensuring all channels are Ofcom Licensed.

Tip from the Day

“IBMS is like the skeleton of Discovery”

I found this tip really useful as it puts into perspective how valuable and important IBMS is to the business. IBMS is seen as the ‘back bone’ and each different department can be seen as a different body part.

Without IBMS (the back bone) and the departments (the body parts) all working together efficiently, the business would not be able to function.

This has been an amazing opportunity for me to get to grips with one of our amazing clients. I had a chance to really experience the culture and see for myself what they do on a daily basis, which provided me with a much better view on what they look for in a candidate!