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Executive Secretary Tips from the Top: Part Two


​Career Moves Group would like to thank the fabulous Lucy Brazier for organising and hosting Executive Secretary Live 2015. It was without doubt one of the most motivational, inspiring, and informative events that we have been involved in. As sponsors of the Gala dinner, held at the St Pancras Renaissance hotel (what a venue!) we would like to thank the entire team – you were all outstanding.

The phenomenal guest speakers provided invaluable training, actionable ideas and an insight into their personal experiences and workplaces. It was refreshing to hear so many inspirational speeches that reminded us who we are and what we stand for in the PA and EA industry.

The theme of our sponsorship was #tipsfromthetop, this allowed PA’s and EA’s both at the event and at home, to share their knowledge within the industry. We had such an incredible response on Twitter so a big thank you to you all. #ExecSecLIVE itself was trending at number 5 in the UK and had a reach of 6,056,941, that’s over double last years figure!
Our #tipsfromthetop competition asked you to share with us the one piece of career advice that has been most valuable to you. We previously published Part 1 of Your Top 5 #tipsfromthetop. We had so many brilliant entries we wanted to share another fantastic 5, used kindly with permission of the competition entrants.

1. Serna Chiama – PA to the Chief Executive Officer at Sky

‘Most people would not list self-irony among the requirements that make a great assistant but I find that the ability of not taking myself too seriously has helped me handle the harshest emergencies and saved me from going insane many times in my career of 20 years.
Confidence, task efficiency, technical competences are only worth that much if not accompanied by the capacity to smile at the world.’

2. Isabel Justel – Executive Assistant to CEO at eDreams ODIGEO

‘The best advice I have received no doubt is “Never take anything for granted” meaning you should prepare and double-check everything. Never assume that something will work without checking it, or that someone is aware of some information, or that an important document arrived or that someone read an email. Always anticipate to a possible problem, that way you can probably correct it before it has no solution or even before anyone else event noticed there was a problem.’

3. Wendy Morgan – PA to CEO at Bromley Healthcare CIC

‘Always be honest. Own up to mistakes you have made, lies only get found out and you in more trouble than if you had admitted your error in the first place. If you are honest and have some ideas for rectifying your error then I have found your employer is more forgiving, after all you are only human. Always try to retain your sense of humour throughout as it will certainly help!’

4. Sandria Plummer – PA Secretary at UK Power Networks

‘Take responsibility for all of your developing and learning opportunities that are open to you as doing so will help your career to grow.’

5. Natasha Colyer – Editor in Chief at Seen in the City

‘Never forget the true root of what you are trying to achieve. Remember you are in the career path you are, due to your own choice and determination to succeed. Therefore you should focus on the positive and don’t lose sight of yourself along the way.’

We have enjoyed every second of Executive Secretary LIVE 2015 and look forward to many more in the future. We wanted to finish on a little recap; here are some wise words of wisdom from the speakers themselves.

Ann Hiatt: ‘5 Keys to Empowerment: Attitude. Ambition. Communication. Evolution. Ownership.’

Zelda La Grange: ‘If you ever expect to be guided or limited by a job description, you won’t go too far.’

Anel Martin: ‘Build relationships & ask questions! Encourage diversity in your office.’

Vickie Sokol Evans: ‘Email a doc as a PDF (vs. Save) using File > Share > Email as PDF.’

Laura Schwartz: ‘Someone is always there: mentoring, watching you, noticing.’

Kemetia MK Foley: ‘Don’t just promote yourself, promote others and they will promote you which is much more powerful.’

Lauren Jiloty: ‘We’re all elected to our jobs. It’s a democracy.’

Richard Arnott: ‘You have the authority and power, use it!’

Lisa Olsen: ‘Help others grow and become “bigger.” NOT with donuts! Help others see in themselves what they can bring.’

Lucy Brazier: ‘Keep real on Twitter. Be you. You are your brand. Be genuine.’

Remember #KeepLearningKeepGrowing