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Executive Secretary Tips from the Top: Part One


​The theme of Career Moves Group sponsorship at Executive Secretary LIVE 2015 is #tipsfromthetop. As recruitment partners and sponsors, we’re extremely proud to be a part of the EA & PA community. We’re excited to see 2015’s Executive Secretary LIVE celebrate roles within this community which are often key to a businesses success.

We feel privileged to be able to be in such close proximity to guest speakers including Zelda la Grange (Nelson Mandela’s secretary, gatekeeper & companion), Ann Hiatt (EA to Eric Schmidt, and former EA to Marissa Mayer & Jeff Bezos), Lauren Jiloty (Senior EA to Bill Gates at Microsoft, and at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). The amazing Laura Schwartz (Former White House Director of Events), will provide lessons in leadership as well as a peek behind the scenes at the White House.

Throughout March, we ran a competition asking you to share w¬¬ith us the one piece of career advice that has been most valuable to you, in recognition that sometimes a shift in mind-set can occur via something as simple as a well-timed, or well delivered piece of advice.

To continue that theme, here are five entries from our competition that really stood out, used kindly with permission of the competition entrants.

1. Andrea Macarie – Senior Executive Assistant at Telefonica R&D

‘I’ve been working as EA for almost 9 years now and have met people of all levels who helped me grow in the role by providing extremely useful tips and advice. The one that has undoubtedly helped me the most is my colleague’s advice (who is 10 years my senior and has mentored me in the first 2 years at the company I’m working for) to be aware of the value we add to companies and the bosses we work for despite what other colleagues might think of our role (“she is just an admin” – is something we unfortunately hear frequently in our profession). Thanks to that piece of advice, my self-confidence increased a great deal and I’m constantly looking for new ways to help my boss and be the true business partner I can be.’

2. Tanya De Aguiar – PA to Chief of Staff at Barclays

‘If someone offers you a lifetime opportunity and you don’t know how to do it, say yes, and learn how later. Someone showed me this quote and it stuck with me. I’ve tried to do this several times and had the most amazing experiences.’

3. Emer O’Driscoll – Senior Executive Officer to CEO at Science Foundation Ireland

‘Find a role model and keep in touch, no matter where your life or career takes you, that person can keep you focused and ambitious while grounded at the same time.’

4. Sidel Stewart – EA to Chief Marketing Officer at Emap

‘Take an interest in the business you’re working in. EA’s and Administrative staff often just focus on their own role, but are missing a trick. Focusing on the business, its place in its industry, and what your boss does, can really help to anchor your role and give you the impetus to add real value. When you realise how your role helps to shape your department’s contribution to the business, you feel much more like a part of it.’

5. Karen Johnson – EA at Pantheon Resources PLC

‘Never turn down a promotion because you think you can’t do the job. If someone has offered it to you the chances are they have seen something in you that you haven’t recognised yet. Take the promotion and move out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised what you will learn by rising to the challenge and if you don’t enjoy the new position, the chances are you will have learnt about your strengths and weaknesses, which will strengthen your overall approach to your career. In my experience promotion isn’t just about moving up the ladder but sometimes about deciding which rung affords you the best view.’

We would like to thank our entrants for taking part and letting us share their valuable advice.
We are very much looking forward to Executive Secretary LIVE 2015, taking place this Friday 20th and Saturday 21st March. The event will feature 9 world-class speakers and trainers who will be running keynotes and masterclass all throughout the two days.

On Saturday night is the Gala dinner that we’re very proud to be sponsoring – we look forward to seeing you there!

We will be reporting the 2 days of Executive Secretary LIVE on Twitter, ensure you are kept up to date with the latest news from the event by following Career Moves Office Support on Twitter.