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Spotlight on the eBay PR team


​As sponsors of the In House Team of The Year award at 2014’s PR Week Awards, Career Moves bring you the inside scoop on the nominees.

Up until the event itself, we’ll be releasing interviews with the all of the nominated teams.
Today’s spotlight is on the eBay In House Team. is part of the world’s largest online marketplace, where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything. eBay connects a diverse and passionate community of individual buyers and sellers, as well as small businesses, with over 112 million active users worldwide.

We spoke to Julia Hutton-Potts, Head of Communications at eBay to get an insight into their team and the PRWeek Awards.

What do you think makes an effective and successful in-house PR team?

Teamwork is all about coming together to achieve a common goal. And nothing’s more motivating than being part of a really great team.

In my experience, great teams have a few things in common. They’re diverse, with everyone bringing something unique and special to the group; they’re made up of fantastic individual operators, who all up their game when they come together; they have passion for the cause, for their brand and for each other’s success – and they’re relentless in their pursuit of a shared goal.

These qualities are evident, in abundance, in the eBay inhouse communciations team. I’m blown away every week, not just by what the team achieves, but also by the way they go about things.

What are the eBay team’s most notable or major achievements in the last year?

As a team, we’ve been laser focused over the past few years in driving perception change – around the new eBay. It’s a brand everyone knows, but not everyone understands quite how much eBay has changed over the past two decades. These days, 75% of the items bought on eBay are new, not second-hand, and they’re bought at a fixed price – no bidding, no waiting.

We’ve challenged ourselves as a team to find more compelling and creative ways to update perceptions of the new eBay, from announcing a brand new Click & Collect initiative with Argos, to launching industry research, in partnership with Deloitte, quantifying the value of omnichannel retail, to putting on the world’s first shoppable pantomime in London’s West End (oh yes, we did!).

We’ve also reinvented the way we measure communications impact at eBay in the past year. Aligning metrics more closely with the goals of the business.

It’s not been an easy journey, the bar has been continually raised, but the team has pulled together throughout and delivered some incredible results, along with the occasional ‘world first’.

With the other categories and nominees in the PR Week Awards in mind, are there any particular campaigns/teams or people that you are rooting for and why?

The nominees this year are, as ever, a reflection of the best players and programmes in the industry. Some of the standout nominees I’ll be looking out for on the night, are: the O2 Blue Rubicon campaign in corporate communications and Inmarsat’s issues & crisis campaign for the disappearance of flight MH370.

I’ll also be keeping my fingers crossed for Tom Winterton who’s up for young communicator of the year, as well as the team at Fleishman Hillard who are shortlisted as international consultancy.

Do you have any funny stories or experiences from previous ceremonies that you’d like to share?

My best piece of awards ceremony advice is don’t make any early morning plans for the following day. I remember one year having to catch the first flight out of London to Milan, the morning after a very big night. Not my smartest diary decision.

And of course, nominate a designated trophy holder, if you’re lucky enough to win. Nothing takes the edge of a victorious night quite like having to call the venue the next day to reclaim a mislaid award!

Is there anything fun & interesting about your in-house PR team that you want to share?
What’s true about teamwork is that none of us is as smart as all of us. Unfortunately what’s also true is that teamwork can be bad for the waistline. eBay’s fish & chip Fridays being a case in point.
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