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Spotlight on the BDO In-house PR Team


​As sponsors of the In House Team of The Year award at 2014’s PR Week Awards, we bring you the inside scoop on the nominees.

Up until the event itself, we’ll be releasing interviews with the all of the nominated teams.
This week’s spotlight is on the BDO In House Team.

BDO is the world’s fifth largest accountancy and business advisory firm providing services to ambitious businesses within the UK and worldwide.

We spoke to Nick Wright, Director of Communications at BDO to get an insight into the BDO team and the PRWeek Awards.  

What do you think makes an effective and successful in-house PR team?

  • Respect, confidence and support of the Leadership Team.

  • An ability to speak the language of business.

  • An integrated communications mindset.

  • The ability to collaborate with a range of internal functions – Marketing, HR etc.

  • A rigorous commitment to measurement and evaluation.

  • Ensuring that we are not ‘backwards in coming forward’ in promoting our achievements within the firm.

What are the BDO team’s most notable or major achievements in the last year?

  • A successful outcome in our campaign to see change in the audit market (as a result of a Competition Commission [now the Competition and Markets Authority] inquiry).

  • The successful announcement, completion and integration of our merger with PKF.

  • Developing our corporate narrative around leadership of the mid-market.

  • Our quantified contribution to increase in both brand recognition and employee engagement scores. 

Excluding the other nominees, which in-house PR teams stand out to you and why?

Not one in particular, but I’m a great admirer of those functions that get a disproportionate ‘bang for their buck’; predominantly those in the not-for-profit sector where each £ spent has to work as hard as possible.

With the other categories and nominees in the PR Week Awards in mind, are there any particular campaigns/teams or people that you are rooting for and why?

Again, nothing specific. I always take a close interest in the Integrated category for obvious reasons as well as Issues and Crisis Management which is a great test of both the responsiveness and effectiveness of PR teams in pressure situations. We all think we are well prepared, but there’s no substitute for that real life experience.

Is there anything else about your in-house PR team that you want to share?

The driving force behind our entry  – Nicola Lally – is on maternity leave. She’s on holiday when the awards ceremony takes place; we’ve thought about flying in her in specially.

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