Our Workflow

Stage 1 : Initial Screening

Following an in-depth study of your vacancy, including the required personal profile and personality fit for your assignment, our Search Team will produce a specification set by your company that details the timelines for each stage’s completion.

We then extensively talent map across our existing networks and conduct further intelligence-led research into the wider candidate market. We implement this measure to ensure that we are providing you with the best potential for your position.

Stage 2 : Screening and Shortlisting

To ascertain the most suitable candidates for shortlisting our Search Team initiates in-depth face-to-face interviews with candidates (psychometric assessments available).

We initially screen candidates through a detailed conversation to establish those best suited in experience and expertise before disclosing information on the vacancy. Only after screening and selection will we send candidate shortlists with detailed profiles.

Stage 3 : Interview Process Management

We then liaise with appropriate contacts to schedule interviews, inform candidates of interview panels, formats and processes.

To deliver timely and well-managed communication, we will intermediate feedback sessions for each interview stage between CSM and chosen candidates. Further interview stages will then be scheduled at the direction of the client.

Stage 4 : Offer Stage Management

We will then facilitate offer finalisation, alongside communicating and negotiating any specific packages, terms, etc.

Reference checking will be overseen in liaison with the client and the selected candidate.

We will maintain relationships between the offer and start date. 

At the end of month 1 and 3, we will follow-up to ensure a happy service for both parties.

Farringdon, St Pauls