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Talent Director

Talent Director Roles

The Talent Directoris a vital and highly sought-after role for a knowledgeableand capable HR professional. The person is expected to help manage and develop global talent in a way that is both inspiring, consistent and fair. The role will be responsible for creating a global framework in consultation with the Group CEO’s. 


A Talent Directoris concerned with attracting and retaining top talent and diverse candidates across all levels of an organisation. 

  • Identifying an organisation’s needs and working to create and administer an efficient talent acquisition strategy to strengthen recruitment and business performance
  • Managing a highly-skilled team to assist with talent development and acquisition
  • Strong focus on performance management and Learning & Development 
  • Understanding the current recruitment trends and your organisation’s markets to identify the impact upon the business
  • Anticipating the organisations future and working with senior executives to advise on recruiting tactics that will help to sustain the company’s success 
  • Being able to be resilient to challenges whilst managing a strong and often opinionated senior management team
  • Implementing all HR systems and initiatives 
  • Developing and implementing strategies to attract diverse candidates to all areas of the business


The Talent Director plays a key role in the success of an organisation, through understanding their goals and objectives and building a talent strategy that will be reflective of this.