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Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive Roles

The role of the marketing executive is to oversee the implementation of marketing plans and campaigns to promote products and services of a brand. Responsibilities can include working on promotional material, advertising opportunities and client acquisition. The role is multifaceted and can see talent working on creative, analytical, digital, commercial and administrative tasks. The person in this role will get to work closely with other employees in a variety of teams in order to support their team objectives.




·      Support the successful implementation of the overarching Marketing Strategy

·      Help to promote the proactive adoption of various products

·      Contribute to the overall success of the existing customers through a range of initiatives, campaigns, promotions and other offerings

·      Support the marketing team with relevant administration and copywriting tasks

·      Educate our customer base about our products and/or services and their associated benefits through newsletters, customer-focused content, social media monitoring, and more



·      Be able to create “smart content” features to customize marketing touch points to the customer

·      Be a good communicator 

·      Thorough market researcher 

·      Be a strong writer and content creator (including blog posts, eBooks etc)

·      Recognize good marketing and design




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