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HR Director

HR Director Roles

The HR Directors is responsible for the smooth and profitable operation of an organisations’ human resources department.They provide strategic HR Partnership to the Leadership Team and work closely with the Regional HR Director to contribute to the Group HR strategy and implementation. HR Directors monitor, review and develop working practices and policies to maximize and improve profitability, efficiency, quality and productivity.


·       To proactively manage the performance of the teams 

·       To set, agree and review objectives to ensure that departmental results are achieved and that all activity is conducted in a professional manner

·       To manage the training and development processes for all team employees in line with Group and Local policies. This means ensure quality and development programmes to meet current and future business needs.

·       To manage the Compensation and Benefits functions of the Company, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of all activity. Preparation of annual budgets to ensure cost efficiency. To monitor and review all the expenditure in the area of responsibility.

·       To proactively manage and monitor all HR issues, ensuring that fair and cost-effective solutions are provided at all times, aiding the business and individual departments to achieve objectives.

·       To manage all Employee Relations issues, ensuring that appropriate procedures and processes are in place to deal with issues arising.

·       To manage and monitor occupational health processes and activity ensuring that a proactive advisory service is provided to meet the business needs of the Company and the needs of individual employees.

·       To design and implement HR policies and strategies for improved employee retention and attendance throughout the Company.

·       To ensure systems and procedures are in place for all activity and fall within the guidelines of the relevant legislation.

·       As a member of the Executive Board, contribute to the formulation of an overall strategy for the business and take part in corporate decision making on a continuing basis.

·       To represent the Executive Board on the Health & Safety and Integrity Committees