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Event Specialist

Event Specialist Roles

The role of the events specialist is to work closely with the events lead and ensure the running of events going seamlessly. The person in this role will be responsible for the planning, organising and execution of key events throughout the year, coordinating with various teams in order to ensure the events run smoothly and within budget.


  • Assist with managing relationships with key partners, including suppliers, agencies and industry organisations

  • Organizing marketing materials for the event
  • Interacting with potential customers at the event
  • Gauge the response to the company at the event
  • Raise brand  awareness
  • Share knowledge about the company with potential customers
  • Tell customers all about the company and its benefits
  • Budget management 
  • Working cross functionally i.e teaming up with Marketing for branding etc

Skills Required… 

  • Experience organising, planning and executing events across EMEA

  • Analytical and data-driven approach to solving problems

  • High attention to details

  • Creative, fast-paced and agile approach to work 

  • Experience in Tech industry highly desirable 


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